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Roger Ver Also Known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Calls Rich to Tax-Free Tropical Paradise

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Roger Ver Also Known as  ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Calls Rich to Tax-Free Tropical Paradise
Roger Ver, ex-U.S. citizen, ex-convict, millionaire investor, self-described libertarian and founder of Passports for Bitcoin. Photo: Roger Ver/Facebook

Millionaire Roger Ver is now offering people to gain citizenship and passport of St. Kitts and Nevis with bitcoin through his website.

Bitcoin entrepreneur Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus in the world of digital currencies, is now expanding the list of what you can buy with bitcoin.

Ex-US citizen is now offering a citizenship and passport of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Two islands in the East Carribean, which are three-hour flight from Miami, are free of income taxes.

Since 1984, St. Kitts runs a program that provides citizenships for those who invest in the islands. After purchasing the real estate in the country, you receive the passport that allows travelling to 120 countries without making a visa.

Ver now offers a way to buy citizenship with bitcoin through his website, which is available in Russian, Chinese and English. This new program will help those who want to avoid government restrictions on financial transactions and evade taxes. According to the US Treasury Department, St.Kitts passports are utilized for financial crimes.

“St. Kitts’ government is much more libertarian compared with the U.S.,” Ver noted. “It’s not even close. So all these early bitcoin adopters, of course if they have the means, they’d rather be a citizen of St. Kitts.”

“To be blunt, we talk about places like St. Kitts as places where you go to escape from responsibilities,” said John Christensen, director of the Tax Justice Network. “St. Kitts sells secrecy on the international market and, unsurprisingly, attracts all types of dirty money.”

No personal visit is required in order to gain citizenship, you just have to invest $400,000 in the country or make a $250,000 donation.

During the recent meeting at the Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills, Ver said: “I’m going to China next month to explain to people that bitcoin is the easiest way to pay for things outside the country.” Still, the dual citizenship in China is not allowed so it is unknown whether Chinese investors will be interested in the project.

Ver, 35, commenced his bitcoin business in 2011 and got rich by investing in the digital money industry. He is a regular speaker at the bitcoin conferences.

Ver invested in a dozen of startups, among others Kraken exchange and Blockchain online wallet. Moreover, he helped various businesses to involve bitcoin, including a cable US television channel and a hotel in Rome.

Millionaire investor spent 10 months in US federal prison for selling explosive without a license on EBay. After finishing probation in 2006, he moved to Tokyo and hasn’t live in the US since.

Ver got his St. Kitts passport on February 13, 2014, and then abandoned his US citizenship.

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