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Ror Ver: Crypto Future is Brighter than Ever

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 4 min read
Ror Ver: Crypto Future is Brighter than Ever
Photo: Roger Ver / Twitter

Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg Daybreak, Roger Ver, angel investor, early Bitcoin enthusiast, and Bitcoin Cash evangelist, said that he still as of a market being still in the red and it seems that it would be staying that way for a while.

With the latest “fall” in the crypto market, skeptics have been speculating on whether Bitcoin and its compatriots could mount a quick comeback and shake off this bearish run. However, in the midst of all this skepticism, some certain individuals continue to bet on crypto to be the future of money and the financial system. As one of such individuals, Ver touched various aspects of the ongoing crypto debate, including his outlook on cryptocurrencies, the threat of regulation, mainstream adoption and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Ver was asked if a “floor has been reached” and exclaimed in an interview that “nobody knows.” He then joked that this unpredictability regarding “up, down, or sideways” movements are just a part of cryptocurrencies’ inherent “fun.”

The Bitcoin Cash proponent, who lauds BCH as the true digital cash, doing his best to specify a prediction said:

“I’m a fundamentals investor, so I’m investing [due to] fundamental [factors]. [In the] long-term, the future is brighter than ever [for cryptocurrencies]. There’s more awareness, there’s more adoption, and there’s more stuff happening all over the world. So, of course, I’m incredibly bullish on the entire crypto-coin ecosystem.”

Speaking out against regulatory measures imposed by bureaucrats, Ver noted:

To think that a politician in some government office somewhere knows more about how cryptocurrencies work and how to keep them safe from hackers, I think is just naive. So of course its the industry participants, that know the most and have the most skin in the game.”

Ver was also asked how the stigma surrounding cryptocurrencies can be shed. To which, he stated that influential people as well as businesses in the space “need to build an economy based on actually using cryptocurrencies as currencies rather than just a bunch of speculators speculating.”

It is to be noted that just last month, Bitcoin Cash had a hard fork which got split into two coins: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin ABC was led by Roger Ver and other supporters, while Bitcoin SV was led by Craig Wright and its supporters.

In a recent Q&A session hosted by Roger Ver, three pioneers of Bitcoin Cash- Roger Ver, Corbin Fraser, and Mate Tokay showed high regards for Dash when a viewer asked their opinion about the virtual asset.

When the viewer asked the question, Roger Ver and others answered in the affirmative. Ver mentioned how the slogan ‘Digital Cash’ talks for the cryptocurreny and also talks about the overall objective of the cryptocurrency to be used in everyday transactions.

Ver said:

“I think you could argue that Dash is basically trying to do what Bitcoin was trying to do from day one, but they actually want it to be cash.”

He compared the network with BTC (Bitcoin Core) network on how hostile the BTC network is when using it as cash.

While Mate Tokay mentioned Venezuela being a major hub for the cryptocurrency where there is a huge community supporting the virtual asset, Roger Ver agrees to Tokay and he says that he “loves Dash as well.”

Ver also mentioned that Dash as the second best cryptocurrency after Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

Just for reminder, The CEO of was in the news when he announced that he had a fallout with Craig Wright, the proponent of Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (SV). Soon after that, BCH underwent a hard fork.

We already wrote about how Jim Breyer, the bitcoin billionaire, believes that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright specifically because of the young generations that are interested in the blockchain technologies.

Now, Mike Kayamori, Quoine CEO, in the Bloomberg interview said that by the end of next year he thinks that Bitcoin will surpass the all-time high.

Many people thought that $4000 was the technical bottom, but we broke through that so it’s hard to say. Some of the issues that seem to be working against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are actually helping build antifragility within the space. Getting rid of the tourists in the market and building proper protections for people and investors.

Pundits like to demonize cryptocurrency for its usage in cyber crimes, for being a Ponzi scheme, or how cryptocurrency exchanges have suffered security breaches resulting in millions of dollars stolen from investors. Ver, on the other hand, claims that these things are nothing more than “bullish signals that cryptocurrency is here to stay and here for the long-term.”

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