, the Project Collaborating with Huawei, Now Available for Auction on XT NFT Marketplace

August 16th, 2022 at 1:01 pm UTC · 4 min read, the Project Collaborating with Huawei, Now Available for Auction on XT NFT Marketplace

The XT NFT marketplace, a subsidiary non-fungible token aggregator platform of, is thrilled to announce that it will soon list the Runnow NFT for auction on its platform. – The Innovative Project

Developed by KBG Studio, is unlike other projects that only focus on rewards. The project intends to promote its social values to a wider audience, coupled with a large, meaningful vision of “One million steps for a healthier world.”

That being said, encourages people to engage in regular fitness and social activities. Users not only are able to improve their physical fitness and gain significant in-game awards, but also be able to interact with communities all over the world and participate in regular social activities (donations, running events, and so on) to help people in need. Integrates the Use of Huawei Wearables

Previously, announced a long-term development roadmap until the end of 2022, intending to bring users new experiences in building a healthy lifestyle.

The event garnered extensive attention on both domestic and foreign tier 1 and tier 2 PR sites. Communities associated with both sites also demonstrated strong support, with the cooperation announcement receiving almost 7 million engagements across all media platforms.

As part of the agreement, Huawei will sponsor 10,000 HUAWEI Band 4e smartwatches to fitness enthusiasts who completed their first 35,000 steps with for health monitoring. The App can sync data with wearable Huawei devices to allow users to track their health ,fitness progress, charitable event participation, and tree planting contributions. Applying technology in health training and contributing sustainable social values to the community are long-term visions for both sides of the partnership.

Collaboration and Launch

The Runnow NFT collection will go live on the platform on August 16, 2022, for all eager NFT traders and players. As a result of the listing, users will soon have the option to directly add the NFT to their portfolios. Additionally, fans of Runnow will be granted the opportunity to buy, mint, and explore exclusive Runnow NFTs in real-time. Each NFT purchase of Runnow NFT collection can only be purchased by using XT tokens or ETH.

The XT NFT marketplace is the industry’s finest hub for growing both emerging and existing NFT projects. The XT NFT marketplace now offers users intuitive Runnow NFT usage interactivity with a smooth user experience. Apart from this listing, more and more innovative Web3 and Metaverse NFTs will be onboarded onto the XT NFT marketplace for users.

Alongside the launch, intriguing events will also be held to attract the community’s attention. Information will be continuously updated on all XT and’s social media accounts.

About KBG Studio

KBG Studio is a Gamefi art and development studio passionately accelerating blockchain adoption and creating decentralized gaming products with enriched in-game ecosystems.  The team sincerely aims to revolutionize the way gaming innovators enter the gamefi market.


Runnow is a third-generation NFT gamification project established by KBG Studios. Powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Runnow NFTs apply the concept to encourage users to exercise and get in-game rewards while supporting those in need.

The company aims to support a new world where a users’ health is healthier while caring for others in a holistic manner. The platform also encourages people to be active by doing daily exercises su

ch as sports and competitions and allows users to partake in all forms of social activities for healthier living.

Moreover, with its team of veteran game and blockchain developers, Runnow is bringing the innovative experience with a new exciting moment to the GameFi industry and beyond.

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About XT NFT

Dedicated to providing a platform with high liquidity for users to launch and trade NFTs, XT NFT is an aggregated marketplace that features all token standards of digital artworks and collectibles. It also focuses on Initial NFT Offerings (INO) and Initial Game Offerings (IGO), offering various NFT-Fi features such as NFT staking, NFT lending, NFT liquidity, NFT trading, and etc.

Innovative projects can collaborate with XT NFT for IGO & INO launches, which are especially designed for NFT projects that have been deployed and minted on the XT smart chain to seek seed fundings, influence and guilds.

XT NFT socials: Twitter.

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