Salesforce Integrates Lition’s Blockchain into Its CRM Platform

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Salesforce Integrates Lition’s Blockchain into Its CRM Platform
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Salesforce continues to expand its offerings and to add more features, such as Lition’s blockchain, to its CRM platform.

Popular customer relationship management (CRM) company Salesforce has onboarded the commercial blockchain technology from Lition.

In an official announcement from Lition, the blockchain company says that the development will expand access to the Lition blockchain, leveraging on Salesforce’s status as the most popular CRM platform in the world.

What Lition’s Blockchain Tech Can Offer to Salesforce

Salesforce will now allow access to the Lition tech via its cloud system. Promoting transparency, the app will let Salesforce customers regardless of their size to record and hold information securely. Salesforce has more than 150,000 customers including large Fortune 500 firms.

Lition has added that the first stage of the incorporation between the two firms is complete and will also be migrated with Lition’s mainnet soon. At the moment, the team is working on code updates for both the testnet and mainnet.

Lition says that the Salesforce framework has helped many firms globally. With this integration, Salesforce will be able to do more, while ensuring strict compliance with security and privacy laws. The announcement reads:

“Salesforce’s architecture is crucial to the operations of businesses worldwide. Yet, building a dependency upon data that is completely centralized creates operational risks. Extracting that data is not always guaranteed. A GDPR compliant Blockchain is a great way to decentralize some of that dependency.”

In a conversation with Cointelegraph, Benni Woerpel, Lition’s marketing manager, piles on the compliance Lition brings to Salesforce’s table.

“Lition’s blockchain is quite unique in this context because it will provide a privacy-law compliant layer where forms can take advantage from the decentralized characteristics of blockchains.”

Other Salesforce Efforts

Back in February, Salesforce acquired cloud and mobile software company Vlocity, in a $1.33 billion deal. Interestingly, Vlocity built its platform on Salesforce, probably making the acquisition much easier. It provides CRM offers in addition to Salesforce’s, for six different industries. These include health, energy and utilities, communications, media and entertainment, insurance and financial services, and government and nonprofits. At the time, Salesforce said it was working specifically on providing industry-specific solutions, which probably inspired the acquisition.

Salesforce’s decision to onboard Lition allows the company to provide benefits of the latter’s blockchain technology to all of its own offerings from now on.

The company built a new content management system (CMS) last year to ensure interoperability with other platforms. A Salesforce vice president Anna Rosenman at the time described it as a hybrid CMS which guarantees customers the native system. Rosenman added that the platform still presents customers with enough flexibility to allow smooth integration with third-party platforms. Also, Salesforce developed the platform itself and did not have to outsource or make any acquisitions.

Founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez, Salesforce has risen through the ranks to quickly become one of the most valued American cloud computing companies.

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