Samsung Unveils World’s First 5G Handset with Blockchain-Powered ID Authentication

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Samsung Unveils World’s First 5G Handset with Blockchain-Powered ID Authentication
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Samsung has joined hands with the South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom, as the two companies plan to leverage blockchain-based to provide quantum security and prevent any falsification or theft of user information.

South Korea’s smartphone giant Samsung has joined hands with mobile telecommunications company SK Telecom to unveil the world’s first 5G handset featuring blockchain-powered ID authentication.

Dubbed as “Galaxy A Quantum” the smartphone features a chipset with quantum random number generation. The official announcement took place on Thursday, May 14, as the handset features 5G communications and quantum security capabilities.

SK Telecom said that using the blockchain-powered Samsung handset, users can pay at offline goods and services using SK Pay. The blockchain will provide additional security and prevent any falsification or theft of user information. Another exciting feature from SK Telecom is its SK Pay biometric protection. This is basically a blockchain-based mobile authentication service from the South Korean telecom giant. SK Telecom stated:

“Based on the random number provided by the quantum random number generation chipset, it is a concept that strengthens service security by generating encryption keys used in three services. All services go through an encryption-decryption process when data is stored or exchanged, and an encryption key is essential”.

SK Telecom has said that the Galaxy Quantum will go on sale today i.e. May 15 on a pre-sale. The official date for the launch of the handset is May 22.

Leveraging the Power of Quantum Security

SK Telecom said that the Galaxy A quantum comes with a quantum random number-generating chipset. This handset will use quantum security for a blockchain-powered mobile authentication function dubbed ‘Initial’. The entire data stored by Initial is completely encrypted.

‘Initial’ is basically a blockchain wallet that store wide range of user-data like certificates, employee IDs, smart employee cards, university transcripts and degree certificates,

Currently, both Samsung and SK Telecom are part of the South Korean government-backed consortium that is working on a blockchain-powered mobile ID platform.

“SK Telecom has invested in the Quantum Key Distributor (QKD) and Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) by investing in the quantum security industry. After becoming a company with IDQ, the world’s No. 1 Swiss company in quantum crypto communication in 2018, it won the EU (European Union) and U.S. quantum crypto communication construction business and applied the world’s first quantum random number generator to domestic 5G subscriber authentication servers,” said the telecom giant in its announcement.

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