Samsung Enters IoT Market With ARTIK Platform

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Samsung Enters IoT Market With ARTIK Platform
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The Samsung Artik platform offers hardware and software necessary for fast and simple development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications.

Microsoft and Samsung, being rivals in the smartphone and tablet markets, now cross swords in the cloud technologies. Samsung has just unveiled the Artik Cloud service for businesses which is expected to become a serious competitor in the Internet of Things market and challenge Microsoft’s Azure and IBM’s Bluemix.

The Samsung Artik platform includes hardware security technology to ensure the authenticity and validity of a device. Its internet of things platform is supported by Thales’s cryptographic solutions to provide cryptographic key generation, verification, signing and key management. To put it simply, the Samsung Artik Cloud offers companies the tools necessary to securely collect, store and analyze telemetry data collected from a wide range of sensors.

Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of digital trust management and data protection solutions that address challenges connected with identity and privacy by means of hardware and software-based encryption, digital signature, and management capabilities. Thales e-Security has regional headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The solutions, that the company offers, help struggle against today’s targeted attacks and reduce the risk of data breach caused by cloud computing and virtualization, consumer devices in the workplace, increased mobility, big data, and more.

Peter Galvin, vice president of strategy at Thales e-Security, says about the partnership with Samsung and its Artik platform: “In the new world of connected everything, trust and security are critical to the interaction of devices, people and things. Securing personal data, preventing unauthorized access or ensuring the integrity of things – be it a smart watch, TV, medical device or personal fitness product requires sophisticated security controls. Thales has long been a partner of Samsung delivering cryptographic security at point of manufacture to mobile phones and televisions, and we are delighted that now Samsung has chosen Thales to deliver the critical security infrastructure to deliver on its vision of a secure IoT ecosystem.”

The step, that Samsung takes, means that it is not going to miss out on the chance to join the fast-growing Internet of Things market, which has already been taken over by Microsoft, IBM and Intel. According to Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, the Internet of Things market will continue developing rapidly and 20.8 billion connected devices will be used worldwide by 2020.

Curtis Sasaki, vice president of ecosystems at Samsung Electronics, says: “One of the benefits of the Samsung Artik ecosystem is the ability to leverage the wealth of expertise available in the market to help bring the best IoT solutions to bear much faster. Thales’s proven track record of delivering best-in-class cryptographic hardware security and key management will benefit our developers and the larger ecosystem by enabling a new generation of IoT products and applications to enter the market with enhanced privacy and security features critical for the broad array of products and services.”

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