Samsung’s New Galaxy Fold 2 Phone Will Be Cheaper and Fold Into a Square

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Samsung’s New Galaxy Fold 2 Phone Will Be Cheaper and Fold Into a Square
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Samsung is reportedly building a smaller and more affordable version of the Galaxy Fold. The launch could be canceled if the Galaxy Fold doesn’t sell well. The Galaxy Fold is now set to launch in September.

Samsung Electronics Co. is allegedly been working on their new folding phone that could be unveiled at the beginning of the next year. Even though it should be more affordable than this year’s Galaxy Fold that is supposed to cost $2.000, this will still be considered a luxury phone that will fold down into a compact-sized square.

The South Korean smartphone giant says the device should be equipped with a 6.7-inch inner display that can fold up to a pocket-sized. It’s interesting that it will have a clamshell-like folding that could remind on older generations of flip-phones.

However, sources familiar to the product’s development say that not only Samsung wants to make its second foldable gadget more affordable, but they also want it to be thinner than Galaxy Fold. Still, the launch of the heir device will probably depend on the Fold performances after its approaching launch.

Samsung is said to be working with American designer Thom Browne trying to get likes of a more wider array of users who may be more interested in fashion, status, and luxury than just a device’s tech specs. Tech-freaks should also be satisfied because the new phone will have new display technology as well.

There will also be a hole-punch selfie camera at the top of the inner display, just as on the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and on the outside, it will have two cameras that face the rear when the phone is open or the front when it’s clasped back.

Ben Wood, an analyst with CCS Insight says he is intrigued to see if a manufacturer can deliver a clamshell design that takes the current smartphone footprint and lets you fold in half like a wallet in a similar manner to mobile phones of yesterday such as the iconic Motorola Razr.

“That’s what the world is probably waiting for. I’ve consistently held the view that so-called ‘foldables’ are currently a solution looking for a problem. But I do believe that in the long term flexible displays will be a catalyst for a whole new chapter in device diversity.”

The truth is, however, that foldable smart devices had some difficulties in the start. Huawei Technologies Co. had to delay its Mate X, Royole Corp. tried to impress but failed with their FlexPai, and Samsung had an embarrassing design defect that delayed Galaxy Fold’s release.

Xiaomi Corp. and Oppo, so far has been releasing only teasers but together with other companies, they want to be among the pioneers of the next high-growth consumer electronics segment. What is special about foldables category now is combining the advantages of large-screen portable computers with the convenience of smaller gadgets.

This is also a new chance for Samsung’s sale division that recently has not been doing very well. Bear in mind that recently this world’s biggest smartphone maker reported a 56% fall in its operating profit for the second quarter. Sales of the company’s flagship devices such as the Galaxy S10 fell because of slowing demand for premium products, but sales of the cheaper Galaxy A Series have increased. The Samsung (SSNLF) stocks are still in wait for the new product so, at the time of writing, they went up by 1.97% to 44,100 Wons.

Bold competition from Huawei has worn down Samsung’s well-established lead as the world’s biggest phone seller, and Huawei was a pretty big threat until the U.S.-China trade war happened.

Dubbed “Winner,” the Galaxy Fold should represent sort of the symbol of Samsung’s innovative edge and new leadership. However, the first foldable smartphone they’ve made was torn by the critics who said that the flexible display couldn’t resist even a few days of conventional use.

What Samsung now promises is a new protective film that wraps around the screen and flows into the edges.

Also, it is pretty good that once the Fold is opened, it will have a typical android shape so it will run Android phone apps in their normal state.

Samsung is said to be trying the use of Ultra-Thin Glass for the inner display of its next foldable, which measures in at only 3% the thickness of the conventional glass used to protect displays.

It’s up for us to see how this is going to reflect on the Samsung’s performances in global especially with new Apple’s iPhone coming out 10th of September when is expected the company will show their three new phones, including some upgrades to the premium iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models as well as a second edition of the cheaper iPhone XR. Apple (AAPL) stock closed yesterday 1.60% higher on $205.70.

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