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Samsung Galaxy S20 Models Feature Ultra Safe Crypto Wallets

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by Jeff Fawkes · 3 min read
Samsung Galaxy S20 Models Feature Ultra Safe Crypto Wallets
Photo: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are famous for hardcore crypto support. They have plenty of features for Ethereum and ERC-20 token support, as well as for Bitcoin and Tron.

Now, the Samsung brand has decided to add more options like the Bitcoin and Tron support. The Bitcoin crypto was added in August 2019, and a little bit later Tron. While the Galaxy phones were shining with beauty at the San Francisco’s Unpacked 2020, journalists looking closely. This was a major show and many of the tech observers from across the globe watched it live on YouTube.

The new models continue tradition taken in the previous model S10. The smartphones can securely store private keys, as the architecture prevents unauthorized access. Imagine how weak the average device is if many people argue on Reddit that their funds went away. Hackers sweep off from the Android wallets on old phones and laugh.

Knox Adds Security to Cryptography

Samsung developers did put time into security, featuring Knox private keys storage solution. The dedicated secure processor within the phone will handle the cryptography, security, PIN codes, passwords, and other personal data. Samsung claims that combined with the Knox technology, their smartphone’s crypto-security is unbreakable. A notable assumption, in the light of numerous wallets scamming people via closed code and (obviously stupid) security flaws.

Samsung sees the demand for a phone that could handle crypto with ease and its Galaxy models could be a good option. It appears that it is very easy to crack into some server or device and steal the crypto. Even the hardware wallets are no safe harbor anymore.

Knox is handling crypto keys since February 2019. Also, Samsung prepared a fresh SDK and published it last Summer. Developers from different countries received a powerful toolkit for managing and tuning of Blockchain Keystore feature. The toolkit allowed people to create decentralized apps acting within the phone.

PundiX Empowers Samsung Galaxy with XWallet

PundiX cryptocurrency startup released the announcement claiming that their Xwallet is in the Samsung phones. During September 2019, the company showed the public a hybrid of phone and tablet which features crypto code by Samsung – Galaxy Note S10.

The recent phones, including S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, were made for photographers. The latest model has an insane 108 Mp camera, making ultra-detailed 50 Mb photos of your pets, city streets, trees, and food. Samsung was aiming at people who like saving the bright moments for the future. Or, for history? Who knows, but people are making approximately 100 billion new photos a day. The improved battery allows carrying it on the streets for a long time even during winter.

Samsung guys want to unite the devices via blockchain, partially – by using 5G internet. The new S20 model will land on the shelves on 6 March in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Australia. Since March 13, The United Kingdom is also making good moves towards presenting new phones to customers.

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