Samsung Publicly Shows Its New Galaxy S20 Phones Family: 5G, 108 MP, 100x Zoom

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Samsung Publicly Shows Its New Galaxy S20 Phones Family: 5G, 108 MP, 100x Zoom
Galaxy S20 series. Photo: Samsung

During the Samsung Unpacked event at San Francisco, people were able to see the new Galaxy S20 family: Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung has just rolled out its new smartphone family. As we have announced earlier, it was an important day for Samsung fans. Just a couple of hours ago the world had an opportunity to ee three new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones during the presentation in Munich. Those are S20, S20+, and the ultra-hardcore monster – S20 Ultra smartphones. In light of the year 2020, Samsung has decided to jump from S11 directly to S20, as a means of celebration. Some of the analysts add that the company also may avoid meeting the same numbers with the iPhone 11.

Samsung no longer uses ‘e’ in the names. Three different phones have separate characteristics. The standard S20 model has a 6,2 inches touchscreen, and the S20+ model shows a 6,7 inches display. Per the most hardcore phone – S20 Ultra – it has a display of 6,9 inches.

Samsung specialists have studied people who want to upgrade their phones. Usually, they do it because they need a new, better camera. This is especially true in the light of statistics, showing that people will make 100 billion photos in a day during 2020. Also, there’s a demand for mobile video making. Compared to 2019, stats show that people will probably spend 4x more time making and watching mobile vids in 2020.

New Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera to Conquer Hearts

The new S20 Ultra model has received a 100x hybrid zoom, this fact is put directly on the device. It has a sensor with 108 MPixels definitions, the phone makes videos in 8K definition, it rapidly saves 33 Mb photos directly from a sequence. The periscope-camera is much better than the Huawei one, and it promises a 100x intellectual Space Zoom. For the convenience of action, the camera gives you a gunsight in the corner.

Samsung concentrates its effort on the sharpness of dark photos, the sharpness of moving objects, and the biggest zoom possible in a compact device. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra receives a 40 Mp front camera, also called ‘selfie camera’. Two other models will receive the 10 Mp cameras, which is not so bad.

The Ultra version gets a 108 Mp basic camera F1.8 with optical stabilization, while two other models receive 12 Mp cameras. The S20+ and S20 Ultra models will receive the DepthVision module within their cameras, while the S20 model does not support that.

As per the screens, the smartphones received new Quad Dynamic AMOLED HDR10+ with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The sensor screen picks up your touches with 240 Hz refreshing. The phones provide support for 5G, as well as for the LPDDR5 memory. Processes are computed with 8 core 7-nm processors. S20 and S20+ models receive 8 to 12 Gb of RAM, and 128 to 512 Gb of the storage space. The top model receives 12 to 16 Gb of the RAM, as well as up to 512 Gb of the storage space. Samsung promised the special mode for gamers, where the smartphone increases its productivity 5 fold.

The Ultra model receives 5000 mAh battery and will approximately cost around $1587. Two other models receive 4000 mAh battery both and will cost from $1111 to $1267.

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