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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Unveiling New Face of Photography

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by Osaemezu Ogwu · 3 min read
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Unveiling New Face of Photography

Samsung has wowed the public with its new Galaxy S20 family. One of the devices that definitely deserves your attention is the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

One of the most proliferated industries in the technology market is the mobile phone industry. The market is flogged with a lot of mobile phone products with features meant to wow potential customers, but with the introduction of the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the South Korean technology giant is changing the face of photography with modern features specifically made for the 21st century.

South Korean mobile giant Samsung announced the unveiling of the new Galaxy S20 Ultra, a device equipped with a revolutionary 8K video snap, which is designed to change how you capture images, an ultra-fast 5G network, a Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, a very powerful processor and a massive storage capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Unbeatable Features

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a massive leap from the resolution and zoom for mobile photography. The S20 Ultra gives the user millions of more pixels in each photograph.

With this, you can pinch in for details you’d never seen before. With its 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom enabled by a revolutionary folded lens and very high- resolution image sensor, you could capture images you might have missed on a normal day.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra also gives you a fantastic night mode picture, as the night sensor size is almost tripled to achieve a near-perfect image at night.

Furthermore, the S20 Ultra pro-grade camera system captures multiple photos at once in low light, and merge them into one stunning shot with less blur and noise, making it possible to shoot nighttime like daylight.

Beating Competitors

With stiff competition from Huawei and Apple in a highly proliferated market, the taste to meet customers’ delight is of the very high standard and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is just the right answer to all the questions.

The latest Samsung product has taken mobile resolution to a new length by moving from 4K resolution all the way to 8K, which is 4 times bigger than UHD and 16 times bigger than FHD, which means you will capture moments in super-sharp resolution.

Compared to other Samsung products, critics are of the opinion that this is the best product Samsung can produce right now, as it has broken virtually all the major records currently available on any mobile phone.

With the proposed iPhone 12 and other innovations from other mobile companies, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is coming at the right time, especially during a time when your camera greatly defines your personality.

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