What We’ll See at Samsung Unpacked Today: Galaxy S20, Z Flip Foldable, Galaxy Buds Plus

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What We’ll See at Samsung Unpacked Today: Galaxy S20, Z Flip Foldable, Galaxy Buds Plus
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Samsung Unpacked event 2020 is set today. The company is expected to release to the market its new devices including Galaxy S20, Z Flip foldable and also Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung Unpacked 2020 event is set to take place today at 2 PM ET/ 11 AM PT as announced earlier through its official web page. Samsung is one of the world’s largest phone maker. That’s why it is a huge tech day as the company is set to unveil its new flagship foldable devices that will compete with other devices already in the market from different companies like Motorola that has already released its version, Motorola Razr.

A lot of rumors have been taking the center stage on the big event, with the tech enthusiasts keenly waiting to see what Samsung has in store for them. Among the devices set to be released today include the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Z Flip foldable and also the Samsung Buds Plus.

What to Expect from Samsung Galaxy S20

Nothing barely ever happens in the tech world without the fanatics either speculating on the expected results or having the real thing in advance, thanks to the tech globalization. If the rumors already in the mainstream media are fit to go with, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is expected to run on 5G network combined with other cutting edge technology like a 120Hz screen.

In addition to that, the phone’s camera is expected to compete with the latest iPhone 11 camera technology, whereby Galaxy S20 is expected to deploy the Ultra’s main camera at 108 megapixels. However, tech analysts are speculating the device will be much cheaper than any provided by Apple‘s iPhone

Definitely, with a much higher price than Samsung S10, Galaxy S20 will be a huge advancement of the later version. It is not yet clear why Samsung moved a leap higher from S10 to S20 instead of unveiling S11, but speculations are that the company wants to avoid similarity with iPhone 11 but rather maintain their own self-worth.

What about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

This is a new kind of technology sipping into most phone companies around the world. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is mainly a foldable phone that allows the user to fold it vertically. It is expected to be the first-ever phone to use a bendable glass screen.

It is a huge breakthrough from the normal brick touch screen phones that have dominated the last two decades. The company has been doing huge investment in the screen foldable technology in order to counter the problem of screen cracking and breaking.

The Galaxy Buds Plus

Though Galaxy Buds Plus are also hotly expected by some fans, they are a little bit lost in the row with new smartphones. However, they still deserve to be noted.

After releasing the Galaxy Buds last year, Samsung is expected to release an updated version during today’s event. Although not yet clear about the release, the Galaxy Buds Plus is said to be free if one buys the Galaxy S20.

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