Motorola Announces New Version of Popular Razr with a Foldable Screen

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Motorola Announces New Version of Popular Razr with a Foldable Screen
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By early 2020, Motorola will launch its own foldable phone, which is a remake of the old Razr, following in the footsteps of Samsung.

Motorola has announced its next smartphone, a rehash of the much older Razr flip phone series which was initially released back in 2003. The new Razr which is scheduled for release next year will be foldable but unlike its ancestors, will have no buttons.

For some, it would seem like phone makers are becoming quite reminiscent of the old days when mobile phones came in more shapes and sizes, with some of them designed as foldable flip phones. In late September, Samsung released its Galaxy Fold, widely considered as the first foldable smartphone and now, Motorola is about to follow suit. The Razr is however considerably cheaper than the fold, and will start at $1,499.99.

Samsung’s Fold was somewhat advertised as a smartphone that can open to a bigger and wider screen depending on need or usage. Motorola is however not very fixated on that, with the new Razr phone coming with a 6.2 inch OLED display and foldable to 2.7 inches.

Just like many of the old flip phones, the Razr’s closed 2.7 inch quick view screen will give users access to many of the phone’s primary functions, allowing owners to read and reply text messages, view phone calls, incoming emails and also limited access to controlling music. As an addition, the close-screen will also allow users to access Google Assistant.

Since it’s a new phone, users would most likely expect the product to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chip but Motorola has announced the Snapdragon 710. Another possibly disappointing feature for the new Razr is that it will come with Android Pie 9.0, instead of the more recently released Android 10. The phone, however, does come with a 16MP camera, a fingerprint reader and 128 GB storage space.

There are however worries in some quarters about the Razr. First of all, some believe that a price of $1,500 is a little too much considering the fact that the phone might not have all of the best features. Secondly, even though it’s a 16MP camera, Motorola has never really been known to have a good enough camera quality. There’s also the problem that the phone will be released exclusively to Verizon. For whatever reason this decision was taken, many don’t believe it was a good move. Lastly, some experts have said that the idea to remake the phone is fully predicated on the Razr’s past glory from many years back, something that was probably overestimated by Motorola.

Motorola, however, seems to have gone a step further with the Fold design, announcing that the hinge has “zero gap” so it opens and shuts out completely flat. There is however still the worry – just like there was with the Samsung Galaxy Fold – that the phone might just be a little too fragile with all the “theatrics”.

Other major smartphone makers including Huawei and Xiaomi, are currently working on making foldable designs as well. Hopefully and regardless of the maker, each new one will be better than the last.

In the last three years, Motorola Solutions Inc Stock (MSI) has more than doubled in value from $76 in September of 2016 to today’s $161. The company’s net profit also hit $1.2 billion last year, from about $0.8 billion back in 2016. With a 40.5% year to date (YTD) performance, things seem to be looking good for the company.

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