Samsung Announces New Mobile Phones with Foldable Screens and New Galaxy Watch 4

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Samsung Announces New Mobile Phones with Foldable Screens and New Galaxy Watch 4
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Samsung will be adding two new mobile phones with foldable screens to their Galaxy series.

Samsung has announced two new mobile phones that will be offering a foldable screen to tempt their customers. The new Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G and another Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G are the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy Series. Both the new models have been priced at $999 and $1000 respectively. The mobile phone giant has been constantly working on revamping its existing cell phone technology and has now introduced a series of foldable-screen phones to increase their sales and revenue status.

Samsung Unveils Two New Phones with Foldable Screens

Samsung has announced that the company will be introducing two new phones that will support foldable screen technology. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is a new folding phone that has a square screen boasting a 6.7 inch size whereas Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is sized at 7.6 inches with a screen that opens up like a book.

Samsung has scheduled the launch of their new foldable phones in August, a month before Apple launches their signature IPhones, to amp up the sales of their newest models. Samsung and Apple have become the world’s largest producers of mobile phones, while Huawei has recently experienced a slump in their respective share prices. Chinese mobile phone company Xiaomi has administered a rise in its market prices and has managed to establish itself as a reliable cell phone brand in the global mobile phone spectrum.

According to Canalys, Apple still is one of the governing companies in the mobile phone sector leading the sales with their new and updated models of iPhones whereas Samsung comes second in the league of producing quality cell phones. Meanwhile, according to research done by Counterpoint, there has been a gradual increase in Samsung’s share of shipments which instills hope for the brand to become a global leader in the mobile phone manufacturing domain.

The new Samsung phones are said to be waterproof and will carry a durable foldable screen. The phones will also be equipped with strong corning glass and will have an aluminum-built frame to resist falls and accidental phone drops. The new phones will also carry a stylish S pen to write down important notes, paint and draw new doodles, and also sign important work documents among other important things.

Samsung has worked hard on making the phone appear visually appealing through enhancement made in terms of increased screen size and camera specifications that will now offer a hidden selfie camera along with the main phone camera that offers wide, ultra-wide, and zoom-in pictures options. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G will also be accompanied with a wider screen size to display information in abundance including recent weather updates, calendar and will constitute a higher refresh screen rate than any of its earlier models.

Along with that, the company will also be introducing two smartwatches called Samsung Watch 4 and Samsung Watch 4 Classic. The watches will offer extensive support of Google apps like weather updates, Google Pay and will also have the facility to track sleep progress, measure skeletal body mass and body fat percentage.

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