SAP Deepens Microsoft Relationship with Three-Year Partnership

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SAP Deepens Microsoft Relationship with Three-Year Partnership
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SAP and Microsoft have entered a new partnership targeted at SAP’s enterprise customers and their move to the cloud.

German multinational software corporation, SAP has announced recently that it has entered into an official partnership with Microsoft. A Reuters report states that the partnership, which will last for 3 years, is to facilitate the company’s decision to help customers’ move their core business activity and processes, to the cloud.

According to SAP’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Morgan, the partnership is dubbed “Embrace” and will assist the company’s many customers to continue their operations with remote servers via the company’s S/4HANA database.

Per a Microsoft news release, Embrace’s main aim is to make this process of transferring to the cloud, as easy and as effective as it can possibly be, with several options offered to customers for easy on-boarding.

Before now, SAP and Microsoft have already built a somewhat amicable working relationship, especially with the latter’s Azure, even though it also has business transactions with Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as Google. Regardless, Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business Executive Vice President, Judson Althoff, stresses the relationship between both firms, while ensuring to the general public the firm’s commitment to cater to customers and their needs. Althoff noted:

“SAP’s decision to select Microsoft Azure as its preferred partner deepens the relationship between our two companies in a differentiated way that signals a shared commitment to fostering the growth of the cloud ecosystem. Today’s news also reflects our commitment to a customer-first mind-set and supporting their cloud transformation, which continues to drive how we at Microsoft approach everything from partnerships to product innovation.”

A SAP press release further mentions how Embrace plans to provide these solutions to users. Firstly, Embrace will help customers easily shift from current versions of SAP ERP to the S/4HANA as mentioned above. This will help better coordination of their options with other solutions as available in the sector. It will also support the proper execution of the new method.

SAP also mentions that based on popular demand from customers, a new model that will combine SAP’s Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure will be available for customers. This new model will not only ensure that migration is as seamless as possible but also make sure all channels of communication are functioning efficiently.

There will also be available roadmaps as suggested by SAP and Microsoft, which will help customers with industry-accepted and recommended modes of operation, to ensure a coordinated service across all needed channels.

Morgan has also said that the partnership not only seeks to ensure an efficient move into better solutions but also to make sure that stress, costs, and difficulty also become as reduced as possible. Morgan said:

“This partnership is all about reducing complexity and minimizing costs for customers as they move to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. Bringing together the power of SAP and Microsoft provides customers with the assurance of working with two industry leaders so they can confidently and efficiently transition into intelligent enterprises.”

SAP currently boasts of a wide range of applications and offers, which support over 437,000 businesses worldwide. Its stock is trading for $131.65 (with a 1,76% gain). And Microsoft stock is currently priced at $137.40.

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