Sessia: Business and Customer-Oriented Marketplace of the Future

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Sessia: Business and Customer-Oriented Marketplace of the Future
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Blockchain-based digital platform Sessia is a marketplace intended to bring benefits to both companies and clients.

Today many industries are experiencing serious changes owing to the technological revolution that is taking place now. Among the spheres that have turned out to be under the influence of significant changes are those that are directly related to online processes, for example, e-commerce, advertising, marketing.

Nevertheless, these industries have some weak points such as insufficient communication between businesses and their clients, the lack of protection of clients’ sensitive data and funds when they are buying online, the additional time needed for the conducting of operations due to the involvement of intermediaries.

But all these problems can be solved with a new innovative approach and that is exactly what the project Sessia offers.

What Sessia Offers

Sessia represents itself a digital blockchain-powered platform. The company views its mission in helping both businesses and customers.

Using the capacities of blockchain, companies get an opportunity to build online stores, demonstrate their goods online, and receive feedback from their clients. At the same time, customers can easily buy different products and take part in various motivating programs.

Moreover, Sessia offers a free mobile app for businesses, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices. To set up online stores companies do not need to spend a lot of time if they know about the store constructor provided by Sessia. The newly created online stores appear in the marketplace just immediately.

The team staying behind Sessia wants to show business a new approach to 100% efficient advertising and promotion. Companies are obliged to pay for advertisement only if it turns out to be a success.

Sessia ensures excellent conditions which help to establish and build mutually beneficial communication between companies and their clients which is especially important today when there is an obvious lack of this kind of communication.

But even all these features is not the end of the list of all the benefits that Sessia is able to provide you with. This online platform offers a crypto cashback program, payment crypto gateways, free customer relationship management and absolutely user-friendly logistics.

For customers who want to analyze carefully the products that they purchase there is a rating system and chat which are intended to help them learn more about this or that item.

What’s more, there is a special offer for those who are ready to promote certain products, such people are called Kickers on the platform. For their work, they will receive the intra-platform currency known as KICKs tokens.

Sessia is an advanced marketplace built in accordance with the principles of integrity and transparency. Today it includes the following services SessiaSMM, SessiaPay, SessiaCRM, SessiaMarket, SessiaLoyalty, SessiaLogistics.

And it is actively growing adding new brands and widening its geography.

Sessia Token Sale

Now the platform is holding its token sale. The private token event has brought the platform 3 million dollars and now it has already proceeded to its crowdfunding stage. The total amount of tokens to be issued for this round is 94 684 513 KICK tokens.

While the soft cap is 5 million, the hard cap is 50 million dollars. The token sale will last till July 31, which means that investors have a lot of time to take part in this token sale.

To be closer to its audience, the team actively participates in major industry’s events. For example, it will be possible to listen to the company’s  CEO Narek Sirakanyan at Crypto Invest Summit that will take place on April 9 –10 in Los Angeles and Blockchain Life that is to be held on April 23–24th in Singapore.

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