Betting Platform Starts Accepting New Cryptocurrency SkinCoin

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Betting Platform Starts Accepting New Cryptocurrency SkinCoin

SkinCoin was designed specifically for the online gaming community.

SkinCoin is proud to inform that, a betting platform mainly focused on the eSports industry, will start accept Skin tokens. The announcement came in the official tweet from SkinCoin.

SkinCoin is a cryptocurrency created specifically for the online gaming community. Skin tokens can be used to buy and sell in-game skins and make payments at third-party services. They represent visual appearance of a variety of objects belonging to characters. There are some services that let gamers use their skins in online gambling and for placing eSports bets.

“We plan to solve the issues of skin trade on all video game sites. SkinCoin will provide security to players’ in-game assets and protect skin trade platforms from Valve’s claims. Unlike fiat money, SkinCoin is not a means of payment according to legal definition in most countries. Third party sites will be able to process trade transactions with the help of SkinCoin and still perfectly conform to Steam policies,” said Igor Solomatin, SkinCoin CEO.

In June, SkinCoin started the ICO targeting to raise a minimum of 5000 ETH. The very first days demonstrated keen interest to the project. About $3 million was collected by the beginning of July. There are two more days to participate in the campaign that will end on July 21, 2017.

SkinCoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with ERC20. The project has already entered several promising partnerships with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2.

SkinCoin promises to develop an ecosystem for Skin tokens, which will include wallets, marketplace, exchange, trading platforms and even its own line of product offerings.

The newly opened option to pay with SkinCoin at starts a new era of bookmaking. Founded in 2016, now offers its customers a wide range of choice for sports and eSports betting. The platform managed by Livestream Ltd has a Curacao e-gaming license.

Let’s take a look at one more ICO taking place now. A decentralized ad exchange, AdEx, launched the sale of its digital tokens called ADX at the very end of June. The company intends to raise 40,000 ETH during the campaign that will end on July 30.

AdEx aims to use the distributed ledger technology to improve the online ad market by solving transparency issues and reducing the risk of fraud. Not only will the company offer higher transparency, it will ensure better control for ad publishers who will be able to easily interact with advertisers.

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