SkyCoin Signs Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz Agency

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SkyCoin Signs Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz Agency
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Skycoin is happy to announce its partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz, the world’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain PR agency.

Skycoin has been designed initially by native Bitcoin and Ethereum developers. Skycoin aims to be the new power behind the new era of internet, delivering a 360-degree protocol, enabling users to contribute to a network of resources, earn benefits, and make decisions. Easily saying, the Skycoin project is made to run for users and by users.

Skycoin represents itself one of the oldest crypto projects in development. Implementing its own original codebase on top of bitcoin’s fundamental infrastructural roots, it features state of the art, consensus algorithm. Skycoin’s algorithm, named Obelisk is especially unique, as it contains none of the PoW/PoS similarities of most other altcoins, eliminating the need for miners.

Those, who have followed the Skycoin’s journey so far, are sure to know that Bitcoin Pr Buzz has represented Skycoin multiple times throughout 2017. Moving into 2018, they are more than happy to announce that this has resulted in an official partnership, paving the way forward for both parties.

Skycoin is about to play a significant part in the new era of internet, having recently partnered with BitcoinPRBuzz. Skycoin believes that this partnership will help secure and deliver successful campaigns in the future. It provides Skycoin with the advantage of the name, news and distribution channels, allowing announcements of innovation to be distributed more frequently, and to a broader audience.

This will allow Skycoin a natural and nurturing growth of their web-presence within mainstream media outlets and technological circles. Bitcoin Pr Buzz is the world’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain PR agency. With over four years of experience and over 500 clients, they offer publications on massive news outlets, both in the crypto space and in mainstream FinTech media.

Skycoin is a currency for digital bandwidth, backed by the new internet. The currency provides its holders with fast transactions and no transaction fees. Skycoin is a third-generation cryptocurrency supporting a new free and open internet.

Moreover, Skycoin is the cryptocurrency of Skywire. This means that Skycoin has a practical application more than simply acting as another digital currency. The way Skycoin works is the following: when you pass something along the Skywire network, you earn Skycoin. When you need to access the bandwidth yourself, pay via Skycoin. It only takes seconds to send and receive, with thousands of transactions per second.

True decentralization means no government can censor Skywire and no corporate interest can stop it. The internet began as a community of people wanting to share information — the time has come to bring back that vision of the internet using a cryptocurrency that truly fulfills Satoshi’s view of a decentralized cryptocurrency with Skycoin.

Bitcoin PR buzz’s mission is to aid in the mass adoption of bitcoin and the blockchain as the most fundamentally disruptive technology since the emergence of the internet itself.
While being the first cryptocurrency and blockchain PR agency in the industry, Bitcoin PR Buzz leverages the company’s unique experience, partnerships and expertise to bring users the most refined, cost-effective press release distribution service to be found.

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