Bankera’s Co-Founders Acquired the Pacific Private Bank Limited

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 4 min read

Bankera continues building a bank that embraces and integrates blockchain innovations, holding the world’s biggest ICO by contributor numbers and still planning to hit its hard cap of 177 million euros.

Bankera, one of the biggest FinTech ICOs with over $70 million raised, has become the first blockchain-based startup to acquire a private bank. The acquisition of Pacific Private Bank Limited is in line with Bankera’s mission of becoming the next generation bank for the blockchain era, providing a one-stop-shop for all crypto things.

Announcing the acquisition, Bankera’s co-founders stated that, while Pacific Private Bank is integral to the future of Bankera, both projects will remain separated for the moment. However, Pacific Private Bank is set to be a key component of Bankera’s banking services and will improve its existing functionalities through blockchain integration.

The Bankera and Pacific Private Bank teams will be focusing on different goals to optimize service delivery. Pacific Private Bank will continue to focus on providing fiat-based banking solutions, while Bankera will retain its focuses on providing crypto and fiat services for the global community

The current bank managers Mantas Staliūnas and Algirdas Purkėnas will continue in their respective positions as Managing Director and Treasurer. Audrius Žiugžda and Martin St-Hilaire will continue to serve as the bank’s Directors, while also doubling up as members of Bankera’s advisory board. As members, Žiugžda and St-Hilaire will provide their extensive and valuable experience and expertise on banking services to the project. They will also share their insights on banking operations, M&A, Auditing, taxes, and risk management with the team

Established in 1997, Pacific Private Bank boasts to have over 21 years of operational experience. The successful bank specializes in asset and wealth management for private clients, backed by a history of hard work and dedication to services. Pacific Private Bank’s highly favorable geographical location, economical incentives, liberating tax and legal environment has helped it build a reputation for placing its customers’ satisfaction and privacy first.

Pacific Private Bank has successfully developed advanced infrastructural facilities and cutting-edge solutions for the seamless support of complex banking operations. The bank has also won a good reputation for working with the best and brightest in the banking and finance sector.

Bankera is building a bank that embraces and integrates blockchain innovations. The bank can easily scale up its services and operations without the discomfiting upheaval that normally accompanies the traditional system.

Being a decentralized blockchain-based bank, Bankera facilitates a myriad of cost-effective solution without any additional cost, due to the absence of costly bricks and mortar branches. Bankera is already an operational fork of SpectroCoin, an all in one solution for cryptocurrencies, with over 700,000 clients and 5 years in the cryptocurrency market.

Bankera’s team is set to dramatically improve the capabilities and services of Pacific Private Bank through the development and deployment of a bank-level blockchain technology and KYC procedures. To achieve the goal, Bankera is working on connecting the bank with the Ripple network to facilitate cross-border transactions. Ripple network’s cross-border blockchain feature has garnered the interests of several leading global banks, such as Santander, UniCredit, UBS and Standard Chartered.

Bankera has announced its ICO sale on November 27th. Over 65,000 contributors has been registered. This has already become the biggest ICO by contributor numbers in history. The company has gone on to set other records, including the raising of over 25 million euros from pre-sales less than in three weeks, making it one of the biggest publicly open pre-ICOs in the world. Looking to the end of the ICO, Bankera has successfully raised 80 million euros and is looking forward to hitting its hard cap of 177 million euros.

Bankera’s ICO is currently running on the SpectroCoin platform. Contributors can contribute to the event by using one or more of the over 20 payment methods available. These payment methods include; ETH, BTC, DASH, XEM and others.

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