Smart Glasses Manufacturer LucyD Teams Up with Roomful, an AR & VR Platform

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Smart Glasses Manufacturer LucyD Teams Up with Roomful, an AR & VR Platform
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LucyD, an ergonomic smartglasses developer, has announced its partnership with Roomful to revolutionize the augmented and virtual reality market.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) are all the rage right now in the tech industry. The biggest software and hardware firms in the world are developing portable AR and VR devices. Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Glass are only few of the AR and VR currently available in the market.

However, each of these have limitations. Gear and Oculus are big, heavy and cumbersome to wear, with limited practicality beyond entertainment at the moment. Google Glass sre smaller, and sleeker, but plagued with battery timing and slow processing power. The latest edition is geared for businesses and has a very hefty price tag.

LucyD is a startup that plans to revolutionize the augmented and virtual reality market. The problem has been pinned down by LucyD as the lack of vision in making smart glasses that are ergonomic, practical and comfortable to use as an all-day wearable device. Another issue that affects the practicality of smaller devices in the market is the limited software and applications.

LucyD intends to tackle both hardware and software issues in one go with a team of highly skilled and experienced people. Five out of nine people in the advisory board have PhDs in optics and AR. This is, by far, the most technical oriented team of any AR/VR startups.

The first step the team took was to study the technology carefully. They identified key problems in the current market, when it comes to the hardware, are selected 13 patents related to the AR field and applied for exclusive licenses. These patents relate to the ergonomics, optics and other hardware in developing smart glasses that are sleek, light and easy for all day use. The team has found that softwares and apps for current AR and VR devices are very limited and expensive.

The are two main reasons for that. The first one lays in limited market segmentation. Most of the devices are developed for a specific sector, such as medical or entertainment. When the focus is too narrow and other areas sre being ignored, mass adoptions is not possible. The second reason lays in expensive and limited apps. AR and VR apps are proprietary softwares that are expensive and only a few are available for any specific device.

By adopting Blockchain technology for its applications, LucyD has opened its doors for all kinds of developers to come forward to develop and deploy AR/VR Dapps for its smart glasses. The platform will allow every kind of developer, from small and independent, to larger firms, in order to provide LucyD users with every day applications and the possibility to earn from it.

Teaming up with Roomful, a firm which lets users create VR and mixed reality content with minimal of mobile and computer handling skills, opens up the LucyD environment to every person interested in making apps for the smart glasses.

The Blockchain platform of LucyD is powered by its own Ethereum-based native token, apptly called LCD. Generation event of the token is live at the moment and early backers of the platform can claim a portion of the 50,000,000 tokens available at a low rate of 1 LCD = $0.25. Tokens not ordered will be destroyed at the end of the event. Due to regulations, citizens of USA, China and Singapore are denied from participating in the event.

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