SmartPlay.Tech Releases Win-Win Roulette, Drives Native RLT Token Price by Ten Times

Place/Date: Amsterdam, Netherlands - June 22nd, 2017 at 10:20 am UTC · 6 min read
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Blockchain startup has proudly announced the full release of its Win-win Roulette betting platform. The digital version of the popular casino game allows players to win big bonuses in RLT cryptocurrency tokens and gain a share of dividends from the company. Owing to its attractive nature, the platform’s RLT tokens have witnessed over 1000% rise in the value since its inception. The betting platform runs on blockchain technology and uses Ethereum smart contracts to guarantee 100% provably fair gaming.

The Win-win Roulette is the second offering from Earlier in February 2017, the company launched the beta version of the first European Roulette. The beta platform went through an extensive testing phase, which helped to create a “provably fair” platform solving the problem of cheated players. The game’s latest version went live on June 5, 2017. With this launch, the platform’s SmartRoulette game will be the first betting title in which players can be guaranteed to win without having to use their own funds. In less than 4 days, the newly released game attracted over 2000 players and 187000 game rounds, indicating the market’s interest in SmartRoulette.

SmartRoulette and RLT Tokens

Following the beta launch of the SmartRoulette, the game title has gone through an extensive test phase involving over 15,000 game rounds, 37,000 bets and 7,000 ETH changing hands. It is the first of its kind platform in the industry to offer members a chance to receive digital shares on the platform, in the form of RLT tokens.

All players holding at least 1000 RLT tokens will be automatically included in the list of participants eligible for dividends. They will start receiving a share of revenues from the game’s profits. During the first two months of the dividend program, the platform has already paid out over 467 ETH ($102,740 as of June 3, 2017).

The RLT token is listed on Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange since May 22, 2017, and commands a total market capitalization of about $7 million at a unit price of around $0.7. Livecoin presently supports RLT trading in four currency pairs — USD, RUR, BTC, and ETH.

A founder outlines what the platform offers, stating,

“We hope that users have already appreciated the results of our work. In fact, the main goal of our service is to provide an effective and high-quality product, the value of which is to create an interesting and winning game. We created the roulette, where everyone can not only win but also become a co-owner of the project, in real time keeping track of the development of the platform and the growth of their profit.”

In comparison with other similar game projects with capitalization of $20,000,000 to $30,000,000, strictly follows the development plan demonstrating real results and building up a base of loyal players. Once the platform starts active advertisement campaigns, it will be able to surpass many competitors and at least demonstrate a three-fold increase in capitalization.

Provably Fair Gaming

The developers of SmartRoulette have studied popular online casinos such as William Hill, 888 Casino, and Winner to identify the opportunities for optimization, reducing the time taken by players to go through the whole game process. The use of Ethereum smart contracts on the platform makes it fully transparent and ensures fairness of gameplay. The Win-win Roulette’s randomized number generator has significantly reduced the number generation time to less than 3 seconds while maintaining an immutable record of previous activities. The use of blockchain-based smart contracts also ensures limited or no interference from the provider.

With the use of cryptocurrency technology, SmartRoulette has eliminated the need for multiple extensions to integrate player’s wallet. It also gets rid of long registration, account verification and plug-in installation process for users. The Win-win Roulette platform is capable of remembering returning players, and it automatically assigns in-game nicknames. All these changes, including the 200 RLT joining bonus to new players are achieved without affecting the integrity and fairness of the game process. The live version of SmartRoulette offers players a generous first deposit bonus of 50% along with 0.025% of each bet regardless of the game result. The bonus will be credit once a day and doesn’t require wagering in comparison with standard deposit bonuses.

RLT Dividends

RLT token (Roulette token) is both a tradable cryptocurrency and a digital share on the SmartRoulette platform, backed by the number of bets placed on the game. There are currently three ways that individuals can acquire the RLT crypto tokens. They can do so by playing the game, receiving up to 3% returns in RLT tokens on each bet; They can choose to purchase it over exchange platforms like Livecoin and Bittrex (coming soon); Benefit from the promotions, bonus and bounty campaigns run by

The SmartRoulette community members can benefit from the RLT tokens in multiple ways. They can either hold on to over 1000 tokens and gain regular dividends, trade it against other currencies on supported cryptocurrency platforms or just keep playing on SmartRoulette to win a fortune.

Those possessing RLT tokens can hold on to more than 1000 tokens to gain regular dividends. They can also start trading on supported cryptocurrency platform. The value of RLT token has increased by 1000% since the ICO. The cryptotoken, which was priced at $0.07 at the time of ICO is now trading at $0.7. The platform has gotten off to a promising start with substantial growth potential in near-term. As SmartRoulette continues to build a pool of loyal players, RLT’s value will grow further soon.

The platform offers daily dividends, triggered by the total balance. The dividend calculation and payout are triggered by a smart contract whenever the balance exceeds 300 ETH. The excess will be distributed proportionally among all eligible RLT token holders with wallet balance exceeding 1000 RLTs. The dividends received by players is decided by the amount available for distribution and the proportion of total eligible tokens held by each wallet with a balance exceeding 1000 RLTs. As the project progresses, the frequency and size of dividends will grow along with the growth in the number of players on the roulette website.

The company’s further plans include launching an affiliate program, connecting a voting system for the owners of RLT tokens, enabling their participation in the decision-making process. The team is also working on the development and deployment of new games to expand the ecosystem.

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