Solana Changes Twitter Account Name to Solano after Jack Dorsey Misspells It

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Solana Changes Twitter Account Name to Solano after Jack Dorsey Misspells It
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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey misspelled Solana amid his recent Web5 announcement. Taking it jokingly, Solana renamed its Twitter account to Solano.

Ethereum Layer-1 competitor and blockchain network Solana changed their Twitter account name to Solano after tech titan Jack Dorsey misspelled their name. While taking things in the right spirit, it seems that Solana made this move jokingly.

Solana Twitter Account Name

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a Bitcoin maximalist. Dorsey isn’t much of a fan of other crypto blockchain platforms apart from Bitcoin. In the past, Dorsey has derided all crypto chains other than Bitcoin as unreliable and inferior.

Last Friday, the Twitter founder announced Block Inc’s new subsidiary TBD which is now building the Web5. This will be an extra decentralized open-web platform built atop the Bitcoin blockchain. Besides, TBD promises a version of the internet wherein users will have full control over their data.

“This will likely be our most important contribution to the internet. Proud of the team,” Dorsey wrote Friday morning. RIP web3 VCs ,” he wrote.

Dorsey sees Web3 as nothing but the next iteration of the internet that runs on blockchains. However, he thinks that Web 3 doesn’t do enough to protect users’ privacy and personal data.

Thus, while pitching the need for Web5, Dorsey specifically called out Web 3’s current dependence on the blockchain with a single point of failure. He even named them directly as Ethereum and Solana, while misspelling it as Solano.

Making the Moment Viral

While taking it in the right spirit, Solana took this opportunity to turn the call-out into a viral moment. It has changed its Twitter account name to Solano. Well, a majority of the Twitter users quickly took note of it while making some joking comments.

Of course, this has been just a fun activity. However, Solana still needs to focus on fixing its platform after facing multiple outages over the last few months.

The Solana blockchain network has faced multiple outages over the last few months which has led to network downtimes for a few hours and more. If Solana plans to emerge as a real challenger to Ethereum, it has to fix these issues at hand.

Solana’s native cryptocurrency SOL has been subject to a major correction amid the brutal market crash. The SOL crypto is currently trading at 16% done at $27.58.

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