Sports Prediction Platform EtherSport Has Launched the 2nd Round of Its Token Sale

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Sports Prediction Platform EtherSport Has Launched the 2nd Round of Its Token Sale
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EtherSport, a decentralized online sports prediction platform leveraging Ethereum smart contracts, has recently launched the second round of its token sale.

EtherSport, an innovative blockchain-based online sports prediction platform, has recently launched the second round of its token sale campaign, which has officially begun on March 26, 2018. The second round of the company’s token sale is set to raise funds, as well as to meet users’ demand. Leveraging Ethereum smart contracts, the very new sports prediction platform holds on the principles of transparency and is highly anticipated among the crypto enthusiasts.

After receiving a large number of requests, London-based EtherSport has decided to extend the opportunity of purchasing ESC tokens. Having started on March 26, the second round of the company’s token sale is currently live and will last until June 25, 2018.

The total number of token supply is estimated at 55,000,000 ESC tokens. All participants can buy them for the price of $1 per one ESC token. The company has set an easy entry minimum purchase of $20 (in ETH), granting the first 200 contributors with a 15% bonus. Purchases over 7 ETH will be rewarded with 30% bonus, while those eager to purchase 20+ ETH worth of ESC tokens will be provided with a special offer. EtherSport has also announced a new prize-winning test period in the MVP with the prize fund for the period set at 300,000 ESC and 3 ETH.

When the second token sale round is over, EtherSport is going to list its native ESC token on several partnering exchanges. All tokens distributed within the EtherSport’s team will be locked up for a year from platform’s launch. The company also plans to launch the P2P betting on the Testnet, as well as a beta version of the betting function, providing players with an opportunity to choose their own events, to set their coefficients and to play against each other.

CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Tsymbal, has expressed his satisfaction with the token sale’s current progress, as everything seems to go as planned and in working order so far. The company’s CEO has also expressed his confidence about the EtherSport’s team, underlying their ability to handle anything that comes their way.

EtherSport represents itself a platform allowing people all over the world to earn money by predicting sports events. The platform’s mechanism is based on Ethereum contracts which guarantees fair and transparent results, avoiding any risks and corruption. Among the EtherSport platform’s main advantages are: security, simple user registration process, anonymity, the open and clear process of all currency transactions, and prompt prize payout without any hidden fees.

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