Stampery Offers Blockchain Add-in Function for Microsoft Office

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Stampery Offers Blockchain Add-in Function for Microsoft Office

The solution offered by Stampery wil enable document certification and verification in Microsoft Office.

Stampery is a blockchain-based data certification company that deals with certification and verification of documents against both Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin blockchains via a web page and also through a programmatic API. To improve its enterprise customer reach, the company has just added Microsoft Office as a client in their present solution.

According to Microsoft, The Stampery blockchain add-in for Microsoft Office communicates over REST with an Azure Node.js server, which then calls the Stampery API.

“In this project, we leveraged this secure API to create a convenient add-in to Microsoft Outlook that performs like a near-native feature to stamp/certify an email without leaving Outlook or even the specific email that you are viewing. The solution provides document certification (creation of a stamp) and verification (checking a document against a stamp) in Office using the Stampery API and the public blockchain”, Microsoft explains.

Microsoft Office has already earned confidence and many companies keep important records like contracts and legal documents in Microsoft Office. The ability to certify or sign these documents or to verify they have not been altered would be a huge step forward towards the more efficient business organization.

Stampery offers a solution by creating hashes of documents, sending them through the web, and storing them on the publicly accessible blockchain, such as the Ethereum Classic and bitcoin blockchains. Stampery provides a RESTful API that is accessible from applications, to enable this capacity.

“An alternative to relying on a single entity (commercial, public, government, etc.) to keep such proof of identity safe is to create a hash of the document and send that hash to the publicly accessible blockchain, such as Bitcoin”, Microsoft says. “Once the hash data is present on the public blockchain, the document can’t be changed without invalidating the hash. This approach guarantees both the document’s privacy and the data’s availability for future validation purposes.”

The add-in function is implemented in JavaScript running in Microsoft Office. The Node.js server provides the REST service to connect to Office functions and to communicate with the Stampery API.

With the new feature Microsoft Office customers can benefit from the blockchain technology and the Stampery service to confirm the validity of their important Office documents.

The solution offered by Stampery is reusable for all Microsoft Office products and ERP applications such as Dynamics. Stampery offers anyone who is interested in certification and verification of any digital asset to reuse the service and build upon this knowledge.

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