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Strategic Investment Between SKY Technology and ECO NFT Market

April 18th, 2022 at 10:08 am UTC · 2 min read

Strategic Investment Between SKY Technology and ECO NFT Market

ECO NFT Market announced that SKY Technology has made an investment. This strategic investment was made for various strategic cooperation such as sharing NFT contents between the two companies, designing an NFT ecosystem, and sharing game IP.

SKY Technology’s Singapore entity will soon open Sky Play with the motto of ‘the easy NFT business platform’. It is planning to list the token as well. The service will expand the contents from P2E games to movies, music, sports and arts along with number of partnerships with other companies.

ECO NFT market is an NFT platform for digital contents, games, pictures, and music. It has recently listed its ESG token in the exchange. It is getting noticed in the global market. 10% of ECO NFT market’s revenue will be donated to environment organization. And 90% of revenue will be invested into the staking pool and governance ecosystem to invigorate the project. Recently, ESG token was listed in exchange. It has also signed an agreement to issue Teteru NFT which will be introduced in the global market soon.

Sang Ok Chang, CEO of SKY Technology said:

“We are happy to be partnered with ECO NFT. We are going to provide lifestyle contents through our NFT platform. We are also pleased to be a part of solving environment issues.”

Kenny Han, who is leading the ECO NFT platform mentioned:

“First of all, we’d like to thank the SKY Technology for making the strategic investment. We are going to jointly work and provide wide range of NFT contents. We look forward to the cooperation between two companies in the future.”

About Sky Play

Sky Play is aiming to form an easy-to-use NFT business platform covering many aspects of lifestyle including P2E games, movies, sports, education, arts and many more. Sky Play is a playground for everyone beyond portal and will grow along with trustworthy ecosystem of service providers and users.

About Eco NFT

Eco NFT is a new concept of NFT that can issue and sell NFTs in digital contents (pictures, music and videos) and renewable energy. It includes a donation ecosystem for environment protection. It also offers a unique structure in which 90% of sales are distributed to invigorate ecosystem governance.