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Stream Coin (STRM) Launches Public Sale in February

December 21st, 2021 at 10:51 am UTC · 3 min read

Stream Coin (STRM) is the native BEP20 token of StreamLive. It is the official digital asset in the platform for rewards and trading. Influencers, viewers, and sponsors utilize STRM in each transaction.

Based on blockchain technology the company’s management deems their project to be a revolutionary innovation, “I would say the world of Blockchain is at the very bottom point of its highest potential. Even bringing up the word ‘Blockchain’ sounds very old to me and the crypto veterans know where it will be in the future,” says CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh.

Though ambitious, the StreamLive team seems to be actively pursuing their goal. Most recently, the CEO of STREAM (STRM) held a live AMA session with Stream Coin community members and crypto enthusiasts on their official Telegram community channel. CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh explained the features of the platform. Related information was also passed on to its members who seemed quite eager during the session. The company envisions to solve many of the existing issues faced by streamers. During the AMA CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh exclaimed that as there was a list of issues.

Michael explained the challenges streamers face and the network’s plan to solve them:

“Here is a list of complaints that we are aware of, and will be solving: Streamers are charged 30% to 50% commission on rewards income from fans. Uploaded videos are owned by the platforms. Advertisements may not be suitable or relevant to the viewer. Multi-streaming to countries with language barrier reducing viewership. Not having control over who can watch the stream or videos.”

This AMA played a huge role in creating a hype for the company’s public sale. The community members have increased ever since. The official Telegram Community Channel now has above 35,000 members and is growing. Many of which can be seen active on a daily basis, with members discussing life aspects, finance, NFT’s and crypto in general. Most importantly members have begun to show an inclination towards purchasing the company’s native currency.

The presale of the company that was initiated in November has been a success. While the second round of the private sale continues, community members seem to be eager to participate in the public sale. The community has already been buzzing to get in line for the public sale. As the enthusiasm is growing, so are the community members and their impatience to take part in the public sale. As announced in the whitepaper, Stream Coin’s Public sale will take place on the 1st of February 2022, with 30% of the total STREAM (STRM) for sale.

Official STREAM (STRM) BEP-20 Contract Address: 0xC598275452fA319d75ee5f176FD3B8384925b425 

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