SWAPS.NETWORK Begins Public Sale for SWAP Tokens at $0.043

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SWAPS.NETWORK Begins Public Sale for SWAP Tokens at $0.043
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SWAPS.NETWORK has announced the commencement of an Initial Exchange Offering for its SWAP tokens. Hosted on Bitforex, the tokens are valued at $0.043 per SWAP and promises juicy incentives and bonuses to investors.

SWAPS.NETWORK, an OTC provider for direct decentralized crypto deals has announced an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for Tuesday the 16th of July, 2019 for its SWAP tokens. SWAPS directly connects buyers and sellers for the creation and execution of OTC smart contracts in a very easy and seamless manner.

Details of the IEO

The IEO is hosted on Bitforex and will take place in two phases. Round 1 is expected to have begun on the 16th of July at 17:00 and will run for four days up till Saturday the 20th of July, 2019 at 17:00.

The second phase of the IEO will, however, begin 24 hours after the first one ends, on the 21st of July and will run for five days up till Friday the 26th of July, 2019.

All times are GMT+8.

Pricing and Bonuses

The new SWAPS token will be priced $0.043 per SWAP and special bonuses will be available to any participants who invest over $999. Furthermore, every participant who makes an investment within the first 10 minutes will automatically receive an additional 15% of the amount invested for use on the SWAPS Network. Also, there will be no lockup period and all bonus tokens awarded are not tradable. They will only be used on the SWAPS.NETWORK platform.

Uses include token listing fees, promotional listing fees, smart contract creation fees and so on.

The SWAPS IEO hard cap is set at $1,5000,000.

Investment Categories

There are four notable investment categories highlighted by BitForex with different specific terms and conditions. They include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Prime.

Bronze – From $999. This plan gives access to 20% discount for private/public deals and 3% of tokens strictly to be used on the network as selling will be impossible. It includes 3 free public OTC Deals and 1 free personal token.

Silver – $2499. Here, investors will receive a 30% discount for private/public deals and 5% for use on the network. The plan also includes 5 free public OTC deals and creation of 2 free personal tokens.

Gold – $6499. The gold plan gives access to a 40% discount on private/public deals, 7% token bonus for the platform, 7 free public OTC deals and 3 free personal tokens.

Prime – $14499. For this plan, investors get a 50% discount for private/public deals, 10% token bonus for platform usage, 10 free public OTC deals and 5 free personal tokens.

Already, the SWAPS Network can boast of budding partnerships with some crypto exchanges and notable OTC market leaders. SWAPS has also already deployed a web-based application for use. With this application, users can easily create a unique smart contract for a transaction and enforce specific conditions for the contracts which will be strictly adhered to.

The platform also has an easy-to-use crowdfunding service which will allow pretty much anyone to create a token and within a few minutes, start a token sale. Customers using this application can take advantage of the fact that the SWAPS Network until September 2019, does not require any commissions.

SWAPS will also release mobile apps for both iOS and Android, before the year runs out.

Finally, whitepaper, roadmap and team information is available at the official website, while the SWAPS core team is ready to answer all your questions in official Telegram chat

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