Swedish Startup Starflow Builds Ecosystem to Bring Together Brands, Creators and Consumers

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Swedish Startup Starflow Builds Ecosystem to Bring Together Brands, Creators and Consumers
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In today’s time of powerful media, there are multiple platforms that content creators and brands have to subscribe to in order to ensure that their message and materials are broadcasted to the widest audience.

Starflow is a decentralized ecosystem, which works to create, and facilitate an open distributed ecosystem, where individuals can thrive and everybody can interact and participate in the creation and consumption of value, through the power of Blockchain. Here, according to the project’s team, creators will regain power, ownership and the value of their creations, as the platform allows everyone to own and control their digital data.

The platform divides its users in four categories:

  • Creators: individuals, who create content that can be monetized (musicians, for example). They will be empowered to sell directly and communicate with their fanbase.
  • Brands: brands will be able to interact with followers and improve upon creator image. This becomes essential when a creator needs to win followers for selling contents.
  • Service Providers: service providers will help creators in support role, helping them to improve quality and outreach of content.
  • Consumers: these are people, who would follow content creators and their topics. Able to communicate with peers and content creators, they will eventually be the ones who will be creating value of content and develop the economy.

By allowing creators to sell their products and services directly on the platform, Starflow essentially eliminates nearly all of the middlemen involved and connects creators directly with consumers and followers allowing for content creators to unleash their true potential. Also creators own, not only their digital identities but also the communication process with their followers.

StarCoin and ProtoStar: Two Tokens?

Starfow’s ecosystem is empowered by two layers/tokens. There is a B2B layer on a blockchain (StarCoins), in the framework of which all transactions between the value creators, brands, and service providers are conducted. StarCoin is ERC20 Token, which will be used to reward and pay creators, service and value providers for their contribution in content production.

Consumers will use another token, called ProtoStar. Being an off-chain payment solution, these tokens are exchangeable with StarCoins at the rate 1 StarCoin = 1000 ProtoStars. Consumers will use these tokens to buy and access premium content, merchandise and for other experiences on the network.

The reason for two tokens is that since consumers will be doing a lot of micropayments, having an off chain system to instantly pay for content will allow for a leaner and faster Blockchain, while the on-chain transactions (higher in value, but lower in quantity) will be done by the main token.

StarCoin’s Token Generation Event (TGE)

The initial token generation event of StarCoin is live since March 5th, 2018 and will end on March 19th, 2018. The main event will start on the 3rd of April and will continue till the 2nd of May. A total of 200,000,000 StarCoin will be available with 1 ETH = 3500 StarCoin.

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