Decentralized Matchmaking: The Ponder Way to Dating

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by Maria Konash · 4 min read

There are very few things that are constant throughout history. If anyone had the opportunity to visit another century, it’s likely that they would recognize very little about that society.

We innovate, change, and adapt in ways that make us hardly recognizable to our past selves. Of course, that’s not true for everything. One example is our continual desire to partner up. Attraction, love, and relationships are universal desires and pursuits throughout all of history.

It’s a preoccupation with a changing process. Each generation seems to have its own unique take on this process. For past generations, the practice of dating, courting, and getting married was an arduous task involving awkward introductions, vociferous first dates, and marriage proposals.

For previous generations, this picture of romance and intimacy is quaint in the best sense of the word. It’s no wonder that we would want to continue that tradition into the modern day, right?


The advent of the internet presented a new method for meeting and connecting with suitable dating partners. In 1995, launched the first online dating site, and the industry continues to pick up steam each year. Today, online dating is nearly a ubiquitous part of the dating experience.

Online dating attracts massive crowds, but in many ways, it has wavered in its effectiveness. Fortunately, match-making is moving beyond the internet and onto the decentralized blockchain. Progress will not be deterred.

Ponder, a decentralized dating site hosted on the Ethereum blockchain (see t, combines the algorithmic capabilities of favorite dating websites with a value economy that integrates real-world connections into the digital dating process.

Ponder reflects the in-person dating experience in its digital platform. Since our intuition and interpersonal relationships can be valuable tools when helping identify intriguing relationships, Ponder provides a financial incentive for playing match-maker.

For instance, if a user introduces friends on the Ponder platform and the match is successful enough that they go on a date, ponder rewards the match-maker with $10. Sometimes, these matches go really well, and a couple gets married. In that case, Ponder pays the match-maker a $1,000 reward.

Of course, just because Ponder uses our interpersonal connections to facilitate effective relationships, doesn’t mean that the platform is technologically light. The blockchain is widely regarded as the most forward-thinking and capable technology of our time. It not only facilitates value exchanges, but its decentralized network improves security and reliability.

Dating sites collect droves of personal information, and they are an extremely attractive target for hackers. Since Ponder is hosted on a decentralized platform, it’s structurally protected from many of these the most ostentatious and damaging hacks. What’s more, by tokenizing user information, there is a simultaneous nod to privacy while also allowing complete transparency and trustworthiness.

Although Ponder has obvious applications for the dating scene, it can facilitate meaningful connections across industries. The same functionality that encourages users to play match-maker can work for professional contacts and personal associations as well. In short, Ponder is the scalable and incentivized version of the interactions that we already have every day. It’s possible to see Ponder as the natural successor of popular platforms like but also professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Last fall, Ponder officially entered beta testing, and it now has more than 70 thousand active users piloting the platform. 40% of that population is registered as a match-maker, which leaves more than 40 thousand singles looking for a relationship.

Ultimately, Ponder gamifies the dating scene and makes it more efficient and enjoyable (see the company’s whitepaper). On a macro level, our continual desire and ability to pair up while seeking romance, love, and companionship is an enduring quality that defines humanity. In this regard, we never rest on our laurels. We continually seek the best methods for finding the best partners, and Ponder’s release pairs the world’s most ardent technology with our longest-lasting pursuit.

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