Switch.ag Announces SwitchDex, the Simplest Way to Trade on a Decentralized Exchange

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Switch.ag Announces SwitchDex, the Simplest Way to Trade on a Decentralized Exchange

The SwitchDex, a decentralized exchange designed from scratch, offers 6 base pairs for trading and the easiest interface a user can find in a full-fledged crypto exchange.

One of the biggest hurdles faced by entry-level cryptocurrency traders is the complexity of navigating on exchanges. As exchanges attempt to offer more and more options, greater services and advanced features, the average trader can be overwhelmed with confusing interfaces. The SwitchDex platform, one of the easiest ways to exchange one crypto asset for another, offers a decentralized exchange that continues its legacy of simplicity.

The SwitchDex is a decentralized exchange that is designed from scratch, offering the easiest user interface you can find in a full-fledged crypto exchange. The exchange already has listed in excess of 100 tokens available for instant trading. What’s more, trading is made even easier with 6 base pairs to choose from.

Apart from the broad trading pairs or the increasing number of tokens, the exchange offers a combination of features that are difficult to match, even by the biggest exchanges. First of all, tokens are held by users. This means that, as a decentralized exchange, the ownership of tokens lies with traders, not the platform itself. Secondly, there is no maker, deposit or withdrawal fee – only a standard 0.2% taker fee is charged. This taker fee can even be eliminated altogether with a one-time payment.  And, finally, half of all fees generated from the platform’s native tokens is airdropped to token holders.

The Switch ecosystem, both the simple swapping and decentralized exchange, the Switch.ag and SwitchDex, have their own native tokens, DESH and SDEX. These tokens offer instant benefit to the users of the platforms through airdropped profits generated from fees, and also give further discounts to users. ESH is another token that has been recently listed on the SwitchDex platform and token holders are also given the opportunity to earn airdropped fees of both the Swtich.ag and SwitchDex platform (50% of gross fee).

The ESH token has already been listed on DOBI and Instant Bitex exchanges. Two more exchanges, Mercatox & IDEX, have also confirmed an imminent listing of ESH. This token is also preparing for more exchange listings soon.

Switch.ag and its decentralized counterpart, SwitchDex, have already generated immense interest in the online community. A number of high-profile personalities have agreed to be advisors to the Switch ecosystem. Digital security guru John McAfee headlines this list of advisors. McAfee is a household name when it comes to security of computers. His anti virus software is one of the most downloaded and used in the world.

Other notable persons include Mate Tokey, a man known to have a knack for creating crypto portals that are among the most-visited ones in the industry. Simon Cocking, the Editor in Chief of CryptoCoinNews is also advising the platform.

With simplicity at its core, the Switch.ag and SwitchDex platforms are offering an easy and intuitive user interface that allows people to make efficient and effective trades.

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