blockchain regulation

The state’s governor has signed the law aimed to validate the use of the blockchain technology in Nevada.

Crypto Valley: The Most Innovative Place You’ve Never Heard Of
May 18th, 2019

While all of us have heard of Silicon Valley, Crypto Valley still seems to be quite a mysterious place for many. So what is that destination that attracts the most talented people in the crypto industry? Find out below.

South Korea’s National Assembly and Congress to Hold First Official Crypto Debate
December 10th, 2018

On December 10, South Korea’s National Assembly along with several members of the Congress will have the first official debate in this country about crypto involving high profile government officials.

Switzerland to Share Its Blockchain Regulation Experience with Israel
September 20th, 2018

Switzerland’s blockchain and fintech experts will work in developing the regulations for Isreali officials and present it to the Israeli government by the end of this year.

Blockchain Records to be Accepted as Legal Evidence: China’s Supreme Court
September 11th, 2018

The court said that blockchain records will be used to authenticate the evidence as it provides a secured, efficient, convenient and low-cost alternative to third-party organizations.

China Will Form National Blockchain Standardization Committee This Year
May 28th, 2018

Chinese authorities continue to standardize the blockchain sector, aiming to form National Blockchain Standardization Committee by the end of 2018.

Three Former Google Employees Unite to Form the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance
April 18th, 2018

The new community will bring together current and former Googlers to use all the potential of the talented specialists for the benefit of the blockchain development.

‘Fight Fire with Fire’: IMF’s Christine Lagarde Calls for Blockchain-Powered Crypto Regulation
March 14th, 2018

Lagarde said that the same blockchain technology which underpins cryptocurrencies can be used to regulate cryptocurrencies and also track whether they are being used for any illicit activities.

Dubai Wants to Become the World’s First Blockchain-Powered Government by 2020
July 25th, 2017

Dubai plans to utilize the Blockchain technology for all its transactions by year 2020 through the use of Dubai Blockchain Strategy.

Nevada Becomes the First U.S. State to Enact Blockchain Legislation
June 7th, 2017

The state’s governor has signed the law aimed to validate the use of the blockchain technology in Nevada.

Illinois Blockchain Initiative Aims at Creation Governance around Blockchain
December 5th, 2016

Several Illinois agencies have teamed up to explore blockchain and the way how the technology can be integrated into government operations.