Greg Maxwell

Greg Maxwell

Gregory Maxwell is a very famous name in Blockchain World. First, he is known as a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Blockstream. Greg Maxwell, Adam Black, Austin Hill and others based a company that is supposed to give access to Bitcoins for everyone. The main idea is to use Bitcoins without Internet access.

Bitcoin Core is the project that could not exist without Gregory Maxwell. He has been developing it since 2011. Gregory is the one member of the team that assesses cryptographic protocol proposals. Nowadays the main direction of his work is Confidential Transactions. Greg Maxwell originally suggested the way of anonymization of transactions with Bitcoin. The method was named CoinJoin and is known since 2013, but still it has serious problems. The main idea is to make information of transactions invisible for block chain and leave the amounts visible for participants.

We know Greg Maxwell as a developer of free software. He used to work on Mozilla, on Daala video codec to be more exact. He was also one the creators of the Opus audio codec.

Greg Maxwell is a guy who knows why your protocol is not working.