Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Never Ending Disputes in Dubious Context

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read
Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Never Ending Disputes in Dubious Context
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Spectacular scenario centers around Bitcoin Cash hard fork with the two camps engaging in the war of words.

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork is scheduled on the November 15th which will result into two BCH versions, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Version (SV). However, there a huge divide between the two camps trying to influence their own versions among investors. Here’s a look into how things have moved so far in this direction.

Data provided by Coin.Dance shows that Bitcoin Cash ABC nodes are 600% more than Bitcoin SV nodes. Also, Bitcoin Cash ABC has support from three major exchanges: Binance, BitPay, and Coinbase. On the other hand, Bitcoin SV enjoys the support of Coingeek, the largest Bitcoin Cash mining pool.

The mining pool allows individual miners to mine whatever they can, based on their hardware capabilities. According to the data Poloniex crypto exchange, the BCHSV is trading with marginal high volumes to the BCHABC.  The BCHSV is trading at a price of $125 while the BCHABC is currently trading at $421.

False Claims on Behalf of Greg Maxwell

While all the drama is happening around the Bitcoin Cash hardfork, the camps for BCHABC and BCHSV remain largely divided. Supporters of each are accusing the supporters of the opposite camp while also spreading misinformation. Gregory Maxwell, former CTO of the popular Bitcoin Core institution Blockstream is in the midst of this.

Recently, Maxwell was in the news for sending an e-mail to “Fake Satoshi” Craig. S. Wright. CoinGeek revealed the e-mail to the public while quoting Maxwell saying:

“I believe it would be adverse for interests that concern me if your influence or prominence in BCH were in any way diminished. I am not aware of how I could be of aid in repairing this situation, but it seemed to me that it would be prudent to at least offer my discreet assistance.”

Emin Gün Sirer, a popular Bitcoin commentator and Cornell Professor found something fishy in this. Sirer didn’t believe that the e-mail exchange has ever happened at all.

However, in a Bitcointalk forum, Maxwell clarified regarding the email saying:

“lol what. Craig Wright and Roger Ver are both conmen. Coingeek is a conman shilling platform, and their claim that [I have] “come to the realization that Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin,” is malicious whole cloth fabrication. Now, Is “Bitcoin SV” the real fake bitcoin (bch)? Maybe but who cares.

I think it’s unfortunate that Wright’s over the top mania is causing dissension in his bamboozled army, as having a scam run by an obvious scammer is a win-win… but it seems that there is nothing to be done for it now, the psychosis is just too strong now.”

Maxwell further went to call Craig Wright as a “scammer” and said that he would like to see him at the helm of Bitcoin Cash. “Having a scam run by an obvious scammer is a win-win,” he added.

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