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Bitcoin Gets a Skip at U.S. Senate Hearing on Facebook Libra, BTC Price Dives Below $10K
July 17th, 2019

Receiving no attention at the senate hearing on Tuesday, Bitcoin price tanked over 10% on Tuesday. There’s little to no positive response from the US lawmakers for Facebook’s Libra which has created an overall negative sentiment around Bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin Price Surges Past $9300 Level to Make a New High for 2019
June 17th, 2019

Bitcoin achieved a new milestone on Sunday with its price smashing past $9000 levels. Other metrics suggest a strong buildup of the Bitcoin technicals and fundamentals.

Facebook Sets Up Libra Networks for Facebook Coin: What Do We Know About It
May 22nd, 2019

Konstantin Rabin, fintech expert and crypto enthusiast, recaps what is known about Facebook’s Libra project and long-rumored company’s own crypto, which has long been shrouded in mystery.

Facebook Chooses Crypto-Friendly Switzeland for Its New FinTech Arm Libra Networks
May 20th, 2019

Facebook has quietly registered its fintech company dubbed Libra Networks in Switzerland. The new arm is focused on blockchain, payments, data analytics, big data, and other techs.