Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data Feed
March 20th, 2019

The ICE’s Data Services will provide real-time and historical data for all the newly added crypto tokens.

IOTA Now Compatible with the Ledger Hardware Wallets, MIOTA Can be Stored on Nano S
November 5th, 2018

IOTA announced compatibility with popular hardware wallet Ledger. That means that IOTA coin holders will now be able to store their coins (MIOTA) on the ledger Nano S device.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [October 1-7, 2018]
October 10th, 2018

The report covers data on the crypto market movements during 2018. Special focus has been given to the analysis of changes taking place over October 1-7, 2018.

eToro Cuts Crypto Costs to Support Mass Adoption
October 9th, 2018

Spread on bitcoin cut in half so clients keep more of their gains.

RoboForex to Add 16 New Crypto Instruments to R Trader
October 8th, 2018

RoboForex, an international broker, is announcing an expansion of the list of cryptocurrency instruments, which are available for trading through R Trader multi-asset platform.

Quarterly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [Q3 2018]
October 4th, 2018

Check out our report presenting data on the cryptocurrency market movements in 2018, with special attention paid to the analysis of changes taking place over Q3 2018.

eToro Offers Two Ways of Trading Cryptoassets for Both Long- and Short-Term Investors
September 27th, 2018

eToro allows its users to either trade cryptoasset prices using CFDs or simply trade the purchased cryptoassets, depending on your short- or long-term ambitions.

Five of the Most Promising Crypto Projects with Real-Life Potential
September 26th, 2018

Ten years on from the launch of the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin, there are thousands of cryptos in existence today, each with a unique function. Which of them are most likely to truly change the world?

MicroHash – the First Smart Contract on IOTA’s Core Protocol Finally Launched
September 24th, 2018

The fourth layer of IOTA’s complex smart contract system provided a glowing launchpad for MicroHash, the earliest smart contract available on the platform.

First IOTA, Now EOS – ARXUM Becomes Blockchain Agnostic
September 12th, 2018

After having integrated the IOTA Tangle in the ARXUM Production Protocol, the second Proof-of-Concept (PoC) has been achieved already. EOS is now successfully implemented in the ARXUM Production Protocol and solidifies ARXUM’s path to become a truly blockchain agnostic solution.