TriForce Tokens Aims High with Dynamic In-Game Advertising via Blockchain
August 30th, 2018

A global games publisher framework, TriForce Tokens, will unite gaming, advertising and blockchain with its innovative Dynamic Advertising Platform.

Libellum Announces Blockchain Platform to Open Access to Chinese Market
August 25th, 2018

Hong Kong-based Libellum Ltd will struggle the opacity of the world’s largest supply chain market to make the process of entering it easier.

Staking Coins on a Cold Wallet is Now Possible Thanks to Particl and Ledger
August 15th, 2018

Leading hardware wallet provider Ledger now supports Particl (PART) cryptocurrency to allow for safe and secure staking on a cold wallet.

Safinus Platform Provides Accessible Investment aServices for Both Newcomers and Veterans
March 17th, 2018

It becomes easier to gain a slice from the blockchain pie owing to Safirus. The revolutionary platform for investments in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, announced the launch of its Token Generation Event (TGE) on May 2, 2018.

Play2Live Opens the Main Token Sale with Release of the MVP 2.0
February 21st, 2018

Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2Live, opens the token sale event with a Q&A live stream on the updated P2L platform on February 21st, 17:00 UTC, answering product and sale related questions.