TriForce Tokens Aims High with Dynamic In-Game Advertising via Blockchain

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TriForce Tokens Aims High with Dynamic In-Game Advertising via Blockchain
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A global games publisher framework, TriForce Tokens, will unite gaming, advertising and blockchain with its innovative Dynamic Advertising Platform.

With gaming industry being estimated at over $112 billion, generating revenue from in-game advertising has become even more prospective, especially when it comes to leveraging blockchain technology.

One company aiming to stake its place at the intersection of gaming, advertising and blockchain is TriForce Tokens, which has recently announced its innovative new Dynamic Advertising Platform in Milton Keynes, UK.

TriForce Tokens is a blockchain gaming platform based in Coventry, UK. To adjust to market forces and create relevant real-world uses for decentralized technology, such as its native FORCE cryptocurrency, TriForce Tokens is transforming into a games publishing operation. To achieve this, the developers will create their own blockchain. This will allow TriForce Tokens to dispense with transaction fees and create a blockchain specifically geared towards the gaming industry.

According to the team, securing strong partnerships in gaming and technology is important to TriForce Tokens in order to strengthen its position in the market, enable it to pool resources, and increase awareness in the community. To this end, TriForce Tokens has recently acquired a part of TheGameWall Studios, a Cambridge, UK-based game publishing studio.

TriForce Tokens is bullish about its global vision. According to company publicity material, TriForce Tokens aims to become “the most universally acceptable gaming currency on multiple gaming platforms”, with plans to offer player-to-player trading and anti-piracy features. This is combined with a unique honorary system that rewards collaborative play–a first in the industry.

TriForce claims its blockchain technology will offer game developers completely new revenue models and facilitate player behavioural analysis, while reducing player attrition rates. This will create a fresh gaming experience via which players can amass tradeable digital assets.

TriForce Tokens’s latest MVP (minimum viable product), the Dynamic Advertising Platform
is designed to complement its other products and enable fully automated, near-autonomous placement of in-game advertising. This is far less intrusive than pop-ups and other methods, as it allows a brand to be advertised on any object, texture, image or video in a game environment in seconds.

Blockchain technology means advertisers will be able to confirm their ads are reaching target audiences, as well as analyse their performance via live data tracking and almost instantaneously switch them on and off. In addition, decentralisation enables greater security and means the network is always operational, and as blockchain is trustless, advertisers won’t need to validate their advertising budget with any third parties.

Since TriForce Tokens launched RaidParty, its player rewards platform, the company has shifted its focus from mobile games to PC releases, and recently acquired Eximius: Seize The Frontline, an FPS/RTS hybrid for the e-sports crowd, due for release in September 2018.

With TriForce Tokens’ presale complete, its final public token offering is set for 8th October.
In addition, a final private token sale will go ahead on 3rd September, with an initial soft cap of $3 million. $460,000 has already been secured towards this.

Given that product placement has been enthusiastically embraced by Hollywood, it’s perhaps inevitable that dynamic in-game advertising is attracting attention in the gaming world. If TriForce Tokens can leverage its strengths and fully realise its potential–satisfying players, game developers and publishers alike–the company may be onto something big.

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