CryptoIndex Launches on Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView
June 13th, 2019

Following the news on the stock exchange market’s involvement with cryptocurrencies, Cryptoindex enters into a partnership agreement with Reuters, Bloomberg and Tradingview.

CoinMarketCap Unveils Its Crypto Data App With Interesting New Features
April 17th, 2019

The new Crypto Data App will introduce new features like portfolio tracking, price alerts, candlestick patterns, cryptocurrency comparisons and much more.

Nasdaq, Bloomberg and Reuters Add CoinMarketCap Crypto Indices
March 20th, 2019

Two CoinMarketCap’s crypto benchmark indices have been launched on its platform as well as on the leading financial data feeds.

Bloomberg and Reuters Will Provide Verified Blockchain Data
August 31st, 2018

International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain has started an ambitious collaboration with the top information companies. This non-profit organization wants to raise awareness of the crypto sphere among entrepreneurs and increase its credibility.

Thomson Reuters Expands Its Crypto Sentiment Data Feed to Top 150 Cryptos
June 13th, 2018

Thomson Reuters, the leader in the sphere of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has decided not to stop at Bitcoin and announced expanding its sentiment data feed to 150 cryptocurrencies.

Thomson Reuters Launches Bitcoin Sentiment Data Feed for Crypto Traders
March 12th, 2018

Having added Bitcoin sentiment to its financial data feeds, Thomson Reuters will help professional traders from all over the globe in their activity.