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Bloomberg and Reuters Will Provide Verified Blockchain Data

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Bloomberg and Reuters Will Provide Verified Blockchain Data
Bloomberg Atrium Center, NY. Photo: John Simoudis / Flickr

International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain has started an ambitious collaboration with the top information companies. This non-profit organization wants to raise awareness of the crypto sphere among entrepreneurs and increase its credibility.

Popularity is a complicated phenomenon. The thing that has been known in closed circles of supporters all of a sudden becomes the object of everyone’s obsession. Who would have thought that cryptocurrencies would be so big in 2018? Bitcoin was created ten years ago, but it did not make it to Time’s list of Best Inventions of 2008. The top crypto of the world was bested by Facebook for spies, the new ping-pong serve and sound-enhanced food in the year of its creation.

The situation has changed. Today crypto investment is studied by top financial specialists; Microsoft, Subway, KFC Canada and lots of other names accept payments in Bitcoin; multimillion ICOs are a usual thing. It looks like the crypto sphere has everything it needs to expand and grow. However, the niche of ICO markets seems to be the limit for the existing solutions. What is more, the sphere badly needs a bunch of responsible and trustworthy informers.

International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) seems to know the solution for this problem. Certainly, the crypto sphere may create some credible information centers, but building up the reputation takes years. The crypto sphere does not have to reinvent the wheel as IDACB is about to partner with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters on the incorporation of analytical and financial blockchain data in their software solutions.

Both Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters are well known names among both financial professionals and general public. These companies value their reputation: names of these firms are like a quality mark. Bringing crypto news to Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters will increase the awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency among the entrepreneurs. What is more important, all the information will conform to the high standards of Bloomberg and Reuters. All in all, this ambitious project can give a new boost to the massive growth of the crypto sphere.

IDACB plans to involve one of its new members – rating agency – into this project. The company is expected to become the main information provider. This Russian-based analytical platform has become a significant addition to IDACB, which is now present in 93 countries.

The collaboration with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters is an important project for IDACB, but it is just a drop in the ocean of its initiatives. The association works in the legal field, unites the crypto community, protects the market and supports the development of the crypto sphere in every possible way.

Crypto events, ICO verifications, and consulting services – all these activities have become possible because of the wide list of IDACB’s experts and the constantly extending Board of Advisors. IDACB does not want create hype around the crypto sphere, this association has united top professionals to make cryptocurrencies a part of our everyday life.

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