CoinMarketCap Unveils Its Crypto Data App With Interesting New Features

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CoinMarketCap Unveils Its Crypto Data App With Interesting New Features
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The new Crypto Data App will introduce new features like portfolio tracking, price alerts, candlestick patterns, cryptocurrency comparisons and much more.

The most popular cryptocurrency data provider and aggregator, CoinMarketCap, is launching a new Crypto Data App. Certainly, this new mobile data service will leave crypto enthusiasts excited to explore several different data points.

Also, it is for the first time that CoinMarketCap is launching an app on the Android platform. The data aggregator also announces to revamp the iOS version of the app.

With the new Crypto Data App, CoinMarketCap brings a host of new features still not available on their website. The features include side-by-side cryptocurrency comparisons with candlestick patterns, portfolio tracking, price alerts and user accounts besides other things.

Speaking to CoinDesk, CoinMarketCap’s global head of marketing, Carylyne Chan said:

“We believe that our users will like the new style and the features we’ve added to these apps, and we’ll continue to update the app regularly based on the feedback we receive”.

Furthermore, the Crypto Data App uses the same API technology that drives its desktop platform. “The only difference is that we have our own caching/CDN layer on top that optimizes for global deliverability and speed,” added Chan.

Users can directly download the Crypto Data Mobile App from the CoinMarketCap website.

Signing Up On The Crypto Data App

To use the Crypto Data App features, users need to sign up for a CoinMarketCap account to save their portfolio and watchlists. The data aggregator also assures that it will sync all its app accounts to their website. Hence, users can view all the related stuff seamlessly across devices.

Besides the new features, the app will have separate sections for the latest cryptocurrency news as well as for crypto “gainers” and “losers”.

Until now, CoinMarketCap heavily relied on the metric of the cryptocurrency market cap to assess digital tokens. However, that wasn’t always sufficient to give a complete picture of the strength of any digital currency. Introducing new metrics and features will certainly give a broader perspective on the state of the crypto market.

Ms. Chan told Crypto Briefing that they are actively working to bring new metrics on both – the website and the app.

“[W]e are actively working on adding new metrics to help users slice and dice the volumes – and those will be made available on both the site and the apps,” Ms. Chan said. “[O]ur role isn’t to censor data, but to over-provide data and let users make their own decisions, so this is also the approach that we’re taking with the volume concerns.”

CoinMarketCap is also looking to introduce new metrics for crypto projects and token issuers. These metrics include the order book depth, website traffic, and wallet address. This will help the token issuers to perform accurate assessment about crypto exchanges:

“Once we’ve received enough feedback from exchanges about these metrics we will be releasing an in-depth update about how we’re planning to gather and display these data points, and how they might evolve over time.”

 Last month in March 2019, CoinMarketCap announced two new cryptocurrency benchmark indices. The data aggregator plans to integrate these indices with leading financial data feeds like Bloomberg, Nasdaq and Reuters. 

Besides, CoinMarketCap is also working on introducing new tools to address multiple complaints of the fake crypto trading volume.

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