samsung blockchain keystore

Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports 32 Digital Assets Including Bitcoin
August 30th, 2019

Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore which is available on the company’s range of Galaxy S10 phones as well as Note 10, has included support for Bitcoin as well as more than 30 other cryptos. The app also supports more than a few DApps as well.

Samsung Adds 13 More Apps to its Official Online DApp Store
August 6th, 2019

Samsung has announced that it will be adding thirteen new apps to its official DApp store – Blockchain Keystore. This addition officially brings the total number of apps on the app store to 17.

Samsung Launches Beta Version of its Blockchain SDK for Android App Developers
July 10th, 2019

Samsung Group – the South Korean multinational conglomerate ushers in an era of the next generation smartphones, announcing the release of the beta of its SDK embedded into the Ethereum blockchain.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S10 dApps, Believed to Save the Dwindling Crypto Market
March 11th, 2019

Samsung may have offered the entire crypto market a lifeline through the introduction of new devices with built-in crypto support features enabling users to transact using digital tokens.

Samsung Appoints Enjin to Back its Galaxy S10 Blockchain Wallet
February 26th, 2019

Enjin is chosen by Samsung to back a blockchain wallet in Galaxy S10 smartphone, fueling the strongest single-day gain in the history of the Enjin Coin.

Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘Leaks’: Integrated Crypto Wallet on the Way?
January 24th, 2019

The Samsung Blockchain KeyStore wallet expected to act as a “secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency” and enable users to have full control over their private keys and crypto funds.