Samsung Adds 13 More Apps to its Official Online DApp Store

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Samsung Adds 13 More Apps to its Official Online DApp Store
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Samsung has announced that it will be adding thirteen new apps to its official DApp store – Blockchain Keystore. This addition officially brings the total number of apps on the app store to 17.

Samsung has concluded plans to add more than a few more apps to its online app store, Blockchain Keystore. The DApp Store was officially launched a few months ago in March 2019 and initially had only four apps. There will now be a larger variety of apps, with the new additions.

The Blockchain Keystore will have an additional thirteen apps, adding up to seventeen. Originally, the first four apps ranged from gaming through social media and a password wallet, to a billing app. The new apps as expected, have a wider variety with two confirmed apps including one for entertainment called The Hunters and Anpan, a social media platform.

Currently, one of the first large tech companies to create a full crypto product, Samsung seems to be relentless in its efforts regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Back in February, the firm announced the launch of its new Galaxy S10, a smartphone with a new feature called Samsung Knox.

According to the announcement at the time, Samsung Knox will support storage for private keys, for any blockchain-based application like a crypto wallet. The company prides itself as a pioneer figure in this regard. It said in a recent publication:

“Although other companies have not done so yet, we have already made a blockchain wallet and released it.”

Samsung isn’t the only tech firm to create products specifically for cryptocurrency and blockchain. Taiwanese consumer electronics giant, HTC, announced the launch of the HTC Exodus in October 2018. Touted as the “world’s first native blockchain phone”, it is totally focused on blockchain encryption and is not available in your everyday phone stores.

In fact, the Exodus can only be purchased through Bitcoin or Ethereum and was priced at 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH, roughly $960 at the time. The Exodus comes with privacy-focused blockchain browser Brave, as its default browser.

Roughly two months after the Exodus was announced. Sirin Labs, one of the biggest ICO beneficiaries of 2017, announced the launch of its own blockchain smartphone – Finney. The smartphone was announced to be equipped with a cold storage wallet, purportedly detached from the phone’s hardware.

It was also announced that the smartphone would support direct exchange of certain virtual assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Sirin Labs Token, completely circumventing centralized exchange firms.

Also, even though Apple is yet to launch a wallet, it released a feature for its iOS 13 called “CyptoKit”.

Samsung announced recently that it was now ready to launch its Galaxy Fold and would do so in September. The Fold, which was earlier scheduled for launch back in April, was postponed because comments from the official reviewers weren’t very encouraging, causing the firm to return to the drawing board. There currently is no information about the Samsung Fold supporting blockchain or crypto.

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