Talent Recruitment Blockchain Startup MDL Makes Talent Work for You

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Talent Recruitment Blockchain Startup MDL Makes Talent Work for You
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MDL Talent Hub is developing a blockchain-based platform facilitating and clarifying the processes of talent search and recruitment.

The landscape of talent acquisition has undergone an extraordinarily drastic change over the past ten or twenty years. The magnificent boom of the internet, which occured in 90s and early 2000s, has made it obvious, that very few things would remain the same, and it continues to show absolutely no sign of stopping.

Now we live in a quasi-borderless global society with the internet bridging gaps previously considered as insurmountable. A strong influence of the internet brings about a shifting tide of social, economic and technological changes, which, in their turn, force recruiters, CEOs, small and large businesses to become more proactive in their drive to attract and hire highly skilled talents they are always in need of.

This issue seems to be especially challenging, when we speak about the creative fields. Talent agencies have found themselves coming unstuck whilst trying to adapt to a world, in which the vast majority of talents engaged into entertainment or creative industries are working as freelancers. Authors, actors, models, musicians, music and film producers, professional athletes and others are now finding more work on the World Wide Web than ever, via multiple content-farm websites, applications, international web-based talent agencies and others thinly spreading the talent across multiple channels.

This is a nightmare for recruiters, and the reason is obvious. With all these freelancers operating within multiple microcosms of industries across the world, it’s hard for recruiters to keep track of the talent working across these channels, as there is no single place where all essential data, such as performance tracking, is consolidated.

As mentioned earlier, recruiters now have to play a far more active role than ever in their attempt to attract skilled talents to their side. An innovation coming from the revolutionary technology called Blockchain can be a perfect solution here.

Holding to this point of view, MDL Talent Hub (Mining Distributed Ledger), has started the development of its ‘Trustchain for the talent sourcing industry’ and has evidently proved the company’s vision worthful after achieving the Pre-ITO (Initial Token Offering) hardcap of $20 Million.

MDL Talent Hub is developing a blockchain-based platform that solves the aforementioned woes of the talent recruitment industry. Whilst not limited to the entertainment and creative industry, MDL is taking the strides toward creating a transparent and efficient platform consolidating multiple supply and demand channels and playing host to a community of skilled workers, who can have their reputations scored and tracked on a trustworthy blockchain network.

In an attempt to facilitate the process of talent search, MDL overcomes the issues currently plaguing the relationship between talent-bookers and their prospective talents. Moreover, the company empowers both recruiters and freelancers to use comprehensive search tools for finding talents and jobs, as well as reputation tracing tools and standardised presentation tools for cutting out the time spent on collecting and presenting crucial recruiter / talent information.

Having passed the Pre-ITO stage with successful reaching the hardcap, the company is looking forward to the main ITO, which is set to take place in March, 2018. As the MDL platform expands, it will come to creating its own marketplace ecosystem, which will further increase the MDL tokens efficiency through brand partnership programmes, live streams and more. It’s an extremely exciting real-world application of blockchain technologies that will surely be one for the books.

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