TelegramPromo – Great Tool for ICO Promotion in Telegram

October 22nd, 2018 at 2:44 pm UTC · 3 min read

Internet advertising seems to be easy – everyone has a computer or a smartphone, everybody has access to the largest database ever created, everyone has at least one social network account.

So why more and more companies have entire departments dedicated purely to online marketing?

There is quite a simple answer – because practice makes perfect. Trends and methods are changing faster than ever, and it takes a dedicated eye to spot them earlier and implement them quicker than others would. You simply can’t do it alone.

TelegramPromo is here to help you out with the tricky nature of online crypto-related advertising in Telegram. We have the right tools, professional team and, most importantly, the greatest experience on the market – all to make Telegram the only means you truly require for successful promotion of your project. When we’re finished, you’ll have loyal high-quality audience that is invested achieving the best results with you.

To build great community in Telegram you need people. In order to enhance the chances to make your ICO successful, we manage to target according to regions and languages, as well as the potential for investment.

Using our self-developed software, we can reach audience in any Telegram group suitable for the needs of your project to collect names and usernames and then invite the audience you require. In the end you can get up to 100,000 future investors.

To keep your audience informed about your project, it could be useful to send messages to the members of your community or crypto-related groups. Our software collects the userbase according to your requirements and we send them the information about your project in the form of short description, links to your website and whitepaper. This way you’ll be able to communicate directly to your investors.

However, if you want to truly reach the hearts and minds of your audience, people need to talk about you, providing personal example of interest to others. Our database provides over 3000 such groups, where our team can engage members of the largest crypto-related groups into conversations about your project and share your links, drawing the attention of the pickiest of cryptoenthusiasts.

Active community is key to great image on social media, and Telegram is no exception. We can make sure your group doesn’t fall silent. Our editors prepare scripts for conversations, and our community managers then ask on-point questions and give precise answers, raising curiosity of those who haven’t made up their mind and providing fiery discussion with hidden messages for investing in you.

Active community may (and probably will) attract the attention not only of honest people intrigued by the prospects of your project, but also spammers. Out team can provide 24/7 moderation of your Telegram group, replying to any questions and resolving issues that may arise among your members, as well as watching over the conversations, deleting spam messages from frauds and trolls.

But you shouldn’t dismiss more direct methods of Telegram promotion. We can help you with advertising on over 300 top channels and private groups, cooperating with their orders for the most effective advertising that can be provided for your project.

The success of your marketing campaign can become our business. We know our trade, and we’re here to lift some weight from your shoulders.



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