Tesla to Begin Shipping Shanghai Made Cars as TSLA Stock Sees Massive Rebound, Up 3.61% Now

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Tesla to Begin Shipping Shanghai Made Cars as TSLA Stock Sees Massive Rebound, Up 3.61% Now
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The shares price of Tesla (TSLA) has been fluctuating since the stock split. However, today in the pre-market the stock is up amid the news from Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory.

Electric auto giant Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is set to start shipping out its Model 3S cars made in its Shanghai Gigafactory. As reported by Bloomberg, the plans by Tesla (TSLA) to ship out its Shanghai made electric vehicles will primarily target European markets as the company looks to reduce its shipping costs.

The update about the potential delivery of the cars have caused a new rally in the shares of Tesla (TSLA), the stocks which have been down by about 10% in the last week due to a number of events, are now trading with a new bullish rally. The stocks gained 1.38% on Thursday to close at $371.34. The rally continued in the pre-market as the shares gained an additional 3.6%.

The shares price of Tesla (TSLA) has been fluctuating since the stock split measures came into place as the shares battle stability amid differing news about the company. As reported by Coinspeaker, TSLA shares after seeing a rally of more than 350%, dropped by almost 21% on Tuesday after Tesla (TSLA) was surprisingly excluded from the S&P 500 index as widely anticipated.

The outlet noted that the share price of Tesla (TSLA) may fall by 5-10% quoting Steve Kalayjian, the chief market strategist at the online trading platform Ticker Tocker. He hinged this possibility of this share drop on the plunge on the S&P 500 exclusion of Tesla. “I think that there’s going to be some underlying support on Tesla, probably around the $255-285 levels,’ Kalayjian said, adding. “Any more bad news on Tesla and there’ll be a herd mentality [towards] massive selling.”

Following the stock split, Kalayjian said that Tesla could fall as low as $200-250, in which case He said he would then look to “gobble up shares” in that price range.

Tesla All Geared Up With Shanghai Gigafactory, Berlin to Follow

Tesla is all geared up to begin the vehicle deliveries for the vehicles made in its Shanghai Gigafactory. Prior to this time, consumers rely only on the delivery of cars from Tesla’s main Gigafactory in Fremont California. With the readiness of TSLA Shanghai Gigafactory, deliveries to both Chinese and European markets will now be enhanced.

As noted, the ultimate goal of Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk is to produce vehicles that can be bought by people. The strides by TSLA to boost operations in its Shanghai Gigafactory has also birthed the company’s moves with the proposed Gigafactory in Berlin. While recently on a tour in Germany, the Economy Minister Peter Altmaier promised Musk that he will have every assistance he needs to set up the Berlin Gigafactory from the German government.

The Berlin Gigafactory is billed to churn out about 500,000 cars per annum when its fully in production and will employ as much as 12,000 workers.

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