Tesla (TSLA) Stock Up 3.49% in Pre-market, Elon Musk Confirms Model 3 Cabin Camera Purpose

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Up 3.49% in Pre-market, Elon Musk Confirms Model 3 Cabin Camera Purpose
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Tesla Model 3 cabin camera use has finally been confirmed by Elon Musk. It brings further functionality to Model 3 which is one of the most successful electric vehicle models ever. Meanwhile, TSLA stock is up in the pre-market.

After gaining 4.40% on Thursday (the last trading day that week), Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock price reached $573. Today in the pre-market, TSLA is 3.49% up. Tesla (TSLA ) stock price now is $593. Meanwhile, Tesla Model 3 cabin camera has been a mystery for a bit. The camera’s use wasn’t made public. Recently, Elon Musk confirmed its purpose on Twitter. Musk indicated that the cabin camera is for the Robo Taxis. They will be activated once the first round of the fleet is ready.

While this camera hasn’t made much sense for the owners of the Tesla Model 3, the big picture is finally beginning to come together. At some point, the electric vehicle maker will introduce the Robotaxi fleet to the public.

Musk’s reply was very laconic.

Tesla Model 3 Cabin Camera Has Many Uses

The presence of a camera is one innovation that one can bet came from Musk and his team. With different kinds of innovations going on within Tesla, it is little wonder that the camera will have different kinds of uses. 

Firstly, the monitoring of passengers during transit is the single most important feature that the cameras serve. To protect the Robotaxi fleet from damage. Identification of suspects in a potential situation where damage to property is essential and the camera will essentially allow that. 

Personalization is Coming

The second-most-important use of the camera will have to do with the personalization of services offered by Tesla and its partners. Tesla last year applied for a patent that allows for personalization. This will give rise to a new world of possibilities. The patent specifically considers personalization. It reads:

 “The personalization system provides an advanced, intelligent, and an automatic personalization of in-vehicle systems in real-time or near-real-time for enhanced and consistent in-vehicle comfort and entertainment experience, both before and during a drive.” 

This means that Model 3 owners will have all sorts of personalized features after the patent and others like it are approved. a simple software update will take of that. 

The other important use that the camera offers is its due in identifying burglars when the Tesla is in “sentry” mode. The Model 3 owner must have a USB-hub and a hard drive (preferably SSD) to work. 

Privacy Could Be an Issue

This though raises eyebrows and concerns by privacy buffs. The many advantages that such a camera offers outweigh the concerns that anyone may have. Feedback is necessary for the normal functioning of such systems. Tesla is making a huge leap forward by ensuring that this works. 

As a company, Tesla seems to be doing well despite the current business climate. The EV maker appears ready to take whatever shocks the COVID-19 situation may bring its way. This is evident by the policies that CEO Elon Musk is implementing at this time.

Cameras will be activated as soon as the Robotaxi is ready. It is doubtful that the Camera can’t be switched off for private owners or if tesla won’t allow private owners to switch it off. The team that has brought the World significant advances in the EV industry is sure to have some surprises up its sleeve. 

By the way, we should admit that Model 3 looks great!

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