Cheaper Than Tesla, Volkswagen’s ID.3 is a High-quality, Competitive EV

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Cheaper Than Tesla, Volkswagen’s ID.3 is a High-quality, Competitive EV
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Volkswagen’s ID.3 seems to be a tremendous step forward, and if you want to support clean electricity production and sustainable supply chains as well as clean transport, this product gives you a way to do so.

One of the people favorites or, as the name says itself, Volkswagen revealed their own all-electric car yesterday at Frankfurt Motor Show. Let’s just mention that, as a response to their recent diesel emissions scandal, VW has decided to invest more than $90 billion developing electric cars and global charging infrastructure.

Their ID.3 five-door hatchback unifies a decent range and some pretty great tech into a package that will no doubt be attractive to the “hot-for-hatches” European market. However, back at the stage was even more interesting (isn’t it always?) because something that’s way more applicable to US buyers was hidden away.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen offered its first tease of its next ID electric vehicle. It will probably carry the name ID 4 and it seems that it is the production version of the ID Crozz, which will be the first ID EV to make its way to the American market next year.

For the still unknown reasons, it seems that VW still hasn’t been ready to reveal more details so the glimpse of what will happen could be yesterday seen as a camouflaged prototype that was there on display with the automaker’s lineup.

Those who are familiar with the company can only presume facts but said that they are pretty sure that the ID.4 will be based – at least in some way – on the, above mentioned, ID Crozz concept. That means It should be a two-row crossover, even though its design, as could be presumed looking at the camouflaged models, will follow a more traditional shape.

Camo-wrapped model that has been seen on the German ‘Autobahn’ with an ID.3 in August, showed a high-bodied design with a low-slung roof that certainly is copied directly from the Crozz, but, however, doesn’t seem to be the same curves and slopes. Be it as it may, a “photoshopped” smoother face similar to the ID.3 is behind the camo wrap remains still to be revealed.

Beneath all the bodywork, it is to believe the ID.4 will share its construction with the ID.3. There will probably be two motors for each axle and it could offer around 300 horsepower all total.

However, these are all just rumors at this point, but the truth is that the ID 3 has been one of the biggest debuts shown. All three variants of the 1st Edition trim that are first to come to market are equipped with a 58-kWh battery that provides up to 261 miles of range by European WLTP estimates. Eventually, there will be added a larger 77-kWh battery, that should boost the range up to 342 miles (WLTP). Those looking for a bargain will probably go for the 45-kWh battery with range seized a bit down to just 205 miles.

With the ID.3 remaining the exclusive domain of European markets, the ID.4 is almost surely going to be VW’s first all-electric offering in the United States. That’s why this move considering the uncontrollable demand for crossovers in the U.S. is not surprising at all, no matter the VW’s decision to scale back the Golf in the U.S. market.

It’s interesting though that, while it lacks some power, the range figures put it in the same playground as the Tesla Model 3 at a lower price. From the company, they said their vehicle is capable of being charged with 180 miles of energy in less than 30 minutes at the fastest stations. Also, let’s not forget the fact that the base version of the ID.3 will start below €30,000 ($33,150).

That goes right in the mainstream, mass-market segment, and if you count in huge operational savings you can get from an electric vehicle, you’ll find yourself with a highly competitive electric hatchback that could sell in large volumes. Just for comparison, the base price of the Tesla Model 3 is currently €43,390 in Germany and €48,980 in the Netherlands.

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