Tezos Price Gains 1000% in 2019 without PoW, ICO or Fraud

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Tezos Price Gains 1000% in 2019 without PoW, ICO or Fraud
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Tezos price is too volatile compared to Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and other explosive materials. However, Tezos really deserves your attention as it has gained 1000% in just one year.

How long will the Tezos price be hiking up the mountains? Does it ever rest? During the last year, the price of Tezos received a significant boost: more than 1000% in yearly growth, paving the way to the staking era in cryptocurrency saga. PoS currencies have gained their territory on the Cryptoland, making the trend ring the bells.

Despite 2018 was a bear market year with strong downwards price falls and unexpected people exit scamming the industry, 2019 appears to be different. In the last 12 months, gigs received the possibility to invest in blockchain directly – by running a PoS node. This is not as costly as buying some mining rigs from China or cloud mining subscriptions. And the more coins you have in stake, the more you receive overtime.

From Zero to Hero in One Year Being a PoS Currency

Most of the PoS cryptocurrencies received 10 to 100 percent in gains during 2019. Tezos was the leader among them, showing the most significant growth numbers. While looking at the charts, you cannot even imagine any moment when you could buy-in and lose money on the next day.

In December 2018, the Tezos cryptocurrency has reached its lowest bottom of $0.315 per token. Back then, Tezos was the 22 cryptocurrency by major ranking websites. Nowadays, it may appear within the top 10 list, with a market capitalization of over $2,5 billion and a price of $0.3736 per token.

Just to compare, Bitcoin and Ethereum gained only 200% on the price rise since the 2019 lowest points.

Exchanges Add Tezos, Users Join Staking

The cryptocurrency was reaching the $3.78 level yesterday. On a seven days graph, it shows a +10,50% growth, while the monthly graph gives us data about +134% in profits. On February 19, the cryptocurrency gains more than 15%, and the daily volatility keeps increasing to attract market makers.

The reasons behind the growth are simple: Tezos has been making huge deals through the years, while other PoS projects were adding fuel to the competition. Exchanges like Coinbase, OKEx, Binance were adding the token and different staking options. The liquidity of Tezos has reached significant levels, opening the road to new price peaks and snow caps.

The Tezos holders have the opportunity to receive around 6% yield from staking. If you want to know more about Tezos or staking proceedings, you can read this guide.

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