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The Bigger Picture – How Blockchain Transform the Life

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by Puran Kaushal · 5 min read
The Bigger Picture – How Blockchain Transform the Life
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Professional writer and marketer Puran Kaushal shares his vision of the blockchain tech, explaining the potential technology holds in various spheres.

News on cryptocurrency is trending in all social media. One can say it is raining cryptocurrency news in every platform. As a commoner, one might think in what way he/she might be affected by these. Well, the everyday raise and fall of the cryptocurrency affects our lives in ways we don’t even know. Cryptocurrency and other digital currencies are all structured by a technology called the blockchain technology.

Now, let us get some idea about blockchain training. It is simply the training that you need to know how the stuff works and how you can use it to get for the application that are mentioned below. Blockchain training gives the users a hands-on experience on relevant and trending topics in crypto currency.

This particular technology doesn’t only revolutionise the world economy, but can also play a role in various problems one faces in day-to-day life. For example, blockchain can explain the reason behind exceptionally high/unexpected bills for healthcare or help you in finding the perfect employee for a vacancy! Blockchain can make communication easier and make things more.

Blockchain influences the common man because it tends to amend the core or basic sectors of a country.

Healthcare Systems

The biggest problems faced by the current healthcare system is the absence of efficient data management. With the advent of blockchain, the medical data management is simplified. With the simplification and worldwide access comes the ease to research and development of new drugs and treatments.

The same goes with the case of decentralisation of the results of clinical trials. Once on a decentralised system, every researcher can gain access to research output of other researcher working on the same or related issue. This aids in faster and better solutions to problems faced.

Frauds in the medicare system can be drastically brought down with the help of this technology. Fraudulent activities can only take place if humans are involved in the billing system. With blockchain, the entire system is automated, untouched by humans.

Blockchain systems can also prevent the malpractice of overcharging by the service providers. Centralised systems in hospitals can help not only analyse the medical history of the person, but also look into the history of the previous generation. Even errors that are caused by patients due to faulty or partial memory is overcome by this.

Banking Sector

With the cryptocurrencies and blockchain currencies being powered by this technology, changing from paper-based currency into a digital and decentralised system will be easier. The advantages of going digital are that it allows both the bankers and the customers to obtain a single source of information and it eases the paper intensive transaction tasks. The decentralised system also keeps the fraudsters in check as it allows bankers to validate the proof of ownership of assets or other documents digitally.

Millions of Dollars are siphoned off through accounts that are opened with false identities. Identity or data stolen about customers are used for this money laundering purpose. When blockchain is implemented here, a customer can see all the accounts that are under his or her name and also look out for suspicious activity by themselves.


The one big problem that everyone faces during an election is the demand for their physical presence at the time of casting a vote. People often feel very annoyed looking at the big queues in the polling booths or stations. With the incorporation of blockchain technology, casting a vote can be done from anywhere with just swipe of a finger. Follow my vote is one such company that has been working on this project.

This not only allows people to vote from their homes, but to also verify the authenticity of the election results. This can cut down the cost of election by a huge factor as the need for special infrastructure and security is eliminated.

Employee Hiring

All the HR and hiring experts of multinational companies and entrepreneurs of budding companies find it very difficult to find the right guy that fits into the respective role in a company. The need and the type of person required varies depending on the company and the position of vacancy. Companies often find themselves hiring the wrong kind of guy due of lack of information on the person.

When a decentralised database of professionals is created, every company can know the history of each employee, his or her current status of employment etc. This can also ensure that fraudsters are not getting employed in a company at any cost.

Public Records

The Government’s civic administration wing has the important duty of maintaining the records of citizens. It needs to keep in record, all information regarding a citizen and needs to updated frequently. Having these records on paper is very hectic task for the officials. Going digital with the aid of blockchain technology can ease the data management. It also saves millions of trees.

With systems like Ubiquity, the database can be encoded in a digital ledger and safeguards the data from being altered for unethical purposes. Identity theft can also be reduced with this.

Blockchain is one promising technology that will markedly change the future by revolutionising our everyday activities. Once you have got your blockchain training, you can yourself design secure smart contacts.

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