The First IEO of S3P Oficially Started and It Is on a Tear!

October 17th, 2020 at 7:58 am UTC · 3 min read

The First IEO of S3P Oficially Started and It Is on a Tear!

Last week, S3 Global Technology announced IEO collaboration for its S3P token on the Latoken cryptocurrency trading platform.

On October 15th, 2020, S3P officially ran its first sale. For a few short hours, it’s seen that a remarkable number of S3P token has been sold leading to a new wave of cryptocurrency investment of 2020.

S3 Global Board of Directors has set a target to raise 1.5 million USDT until this IEO is finished. Only 1-day launching, the market saw a high trade volume of S3P and seems like it will continue to perform even better than expectation.

About S3 Global Technology LTD

S3 Global Technology LTD is a leading Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company that delivers solutions to enable its clients to do business better.

S3 Wallet can be listed as the most outstanding product of S3 Global recently. S3 Wallet is the very first fully decentralized and distributed digital asset wallet that visionally provides our members with a focused wealth generation ecosystem, a Smart Sharing Society.

S3 Wallet is a “Smart Sharing Society” of over 20,000 users that supports various types of cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, LTC… and particularly S3P.

About S3P Token

  • Powered by: S3 Global Technology LTD – one of the most vibrant global system integrators
  • Token standard: TRC-20
  • Technology: TRC-20 Tron Mainnet Network
  • Total supply: 150,000,000 S3P
  • Total pre-mined: 30,000,000 S3P

The S3P token is built and developed on the TRC-20 Tron Mainnet Network – one of the most competitively technical platforms recently with almost 9 million users where allows holders to exchange S3P at a very low fee and also stops the network congestion through the 2000 transactions/s processing speed – much better than ETH Mainnet.

S3P Token Sale Details

  • Amount of token allocated to Latoken exchange: 3,000,000
  • Payment options: USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.
  • Fundraising target: 1,500,000 USDT

#Round 1:

  • Time: Oct 15th – Oct 30th
  • Sale token price: 0,7 USDT

#Round 2:

  • Time: Oct 31st – Nov 14th
  • Sale token price: 0,75 USDT

About Latoken Trading Platform

  •  #1 IEO Launchpad According to InWara
  • #1 IEO Launchpad by number of IEOs and TOP 5 funds raised
  • Daily turnover: $300m+
  • Registered users: +500,000 users
  • 320+ crypto pairs available for trading
  •  Low trading and withdrawal fees
  • New trading pairs are being added every week
  • Advanced security measures: encryption key, DDOS protection, 2FA
  • Store 99,5% of users’ funds in a cold wallet to prevent hacking

Why You Should Invest In S3P?

According to the latest information, there are above 20,000 people who choose to use S3P token besides many types of big cryptocurrency and its adoption is still growing globally. In the upcoming time, S3P payment will be accepted in Korea and Mexico. It’s actually hard to doubt the mass-adoption of S3P in the cryptocurrency world.

As the increasing demand for S3P token, its value will continually increase in the future leading to raising wealth and creating better liquidity for the holders.

Dallas Baldri, S3 Global Technology LTD CEO and Co-founder, CEO of HD Group – a global marketing & advertising organization trusted in over 45 countries said:

“The TRC-20 based S3P is not a normal cryptocurrency. It can bring the best investment opportunities for all investors, and shape the new future of smart sharing society through cryptocurrency.”

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