Aitheon is Bringing AI and Robotics to Small Businesses All Over the World

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Aitheon is Bringing AI and Robotics to Small Businesses All Over the World
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Aitheon has announced the listing of its ACU token on the LATOKEN exchange and invites everyone to its Open House event.

It has been announced that now Aitheon’s ACU token is available for trading on the LATOKEN platform which is one of the world’s largest decentralized exchanges by daily trading volume.

What We Know about Aitheon

Aitheon team believes that the currently existing business model is not a perfect one. It is full of time-consuming and complicated procedures, and that’s why the team wants to change it. To complete this, the company seeks to integrate AI and Robotics in a business model developing a single platform for businesses automation.

The blockchain-powered Aitheon platform provides an opportunity to facilitate, streamline and safely record transactions on the ecosystem. All the mechbots (mechanical robots) and digibots (digital representation of bots) that are included in the ecosystem are linked to each other via the blockchain.

According to the Aitheon, such a model will ensure a high level of data privacy and prevent various misuse cases of sensitive data.

However, despite the ecosystem greatly relies on bots, people are not excluded from it. Real people can serve as specialists and pilots to perform blockchain mining. “The idea of human/robot symbiosis is that both humans and robots have a place and that place is together,” explains, Andrew Archer, creator and CEO of Aitheon.

The Aitheon platform offers people to work with Digibots that are intelligent digital agents powered by AI. Though Digibots are able to fulfill different business tasks, there is still free space for humans. They can interfere in the entire procedure and deal with the tasks that Digibots are not capable to cope with.

AI and Robotics for Small Businesses

Today such techs as AI and robotics are available for large corporations only. But Aitheon wants to open this world for small businesses as well. Its aim is to provide them with an opportunity to benefit from currently existing advanced solutions.

The Aitheon blockchain platform will be the place where businesses will buy customized services and hire specialists to operate their robots and backup their Digibots. At the same time, the platform will allow individuals to sell their robotics solutions and offer their services via the platform.

Aitheon already offers more than 50 in-built services that are classified according to four categories. They are management, robotics, business optimization, and development.

For example, the platform makes it possible to reduce HR responsibilities. It will facilitate such tasks as tracking employees, their work hours and wages.

Moreover, on the platform, the businesses will find such tools as a project management tool, Aitheon Messages, a mailbox, drive, and document viewer/editor.

For tracking financial transactions, firms will be able to use Aitheon Accounting System. And for buying various goods and digital solutions, there will be an e-commerce Aitheon marketplace.

Aitheon has also informed that the company is going to celebrate the opening of a new office in India and to organize an Open House on June 21. Those who are interested in the advanced tech can come and see how the robot assembly line functions, meet the team and find out many other details about the company.

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